October 3, 2010

I'm a Pseudo-Mommy!

Well, kind of.
My little girl cat Peeps had 4 kittens last night, from 7:30-11:30 pm!

I wasn't totally sure when she was impregnated- even though it happened here by my Mom's cat Hobbes- but I had a good idea it was getting to be time soon. My petite little girl is normally a healthy 5lb cat, and she's about 16 months old. I know- still a little one herself! I was online yesterday to (finally) research what signs to look for when a cat goes in to labor.

Labor Pains... Poor kitteh!
I didn't seriously think that yesterday would be the day though! So there I am, in the morning enjoying a nice big hot cup of tea. And here's my kitty, on the back of the leather recliner I sit in- since I still have a tough time sitting upright for long periods of time. Next thing I know, she's meowing and headbutting me, her way of asking for "rubs" and "scratchies". I indulge her, and start scratching underneath her chin and moving around to the back side of her neck- which she looooooves. I'm still here, reading on signs to look for- not even realizing my cat knew that yesterday would be the day! For weeks- she's been nesting in a box I've kept up in my room. I replaced it yesterday morning because it was way too small- and I figured she'd have 2-6 kittens. No way would she have had the room to move around in that thing.

I had a big tupperware bin that I bought to store clothes in- and since I haven't packed away my summer clothes- I set that up in the corner with newspaper and warm dry towels. Peeps wouldn't have any of it. She summarily hopped out of the bin, once I had placed her in it, and went into her "housie" instead. It's one of those Kitty City buildable blocks to connect together in order to make a big tower of various hidey-holes and scratching posts. I only have this one for her so far... But in she went. I put some old t-shirts and another towel in there... And immediately she started burrowing! Again- I didn't think anything of it...

I sat down at my dresser to put some makeup on- since I was meeting two of my gal pals for lunch- and next thing I hear... Is... My cat purring LOUDLY!!!!!! Yep... She burrowed under the blankets on my bed and situated herself where I sleep- which she does when I'm in bed, not up and around. So I pick up the covers, and she's laying there on her side purring like a machine and head butting me for pets. I couldn't resist... So I pet her again for a good 10 minutes. I got her out of my blankets, and situated her in another one I put on my bed where she curled up, still purring of course, and watched me finish my makeup. When I went downstairs to go, she was following me around... Which isn't unusual. Everywhere "Mommy" goes, kitty is right on my heels. She did, however, meow her disapproval when she saw me pick up my pocketbook.

Out we go- Mom had to drive me, since I'm still not too comfortable getting behind my wheel yet- and we had a delicious Thai lunch with my two gal pals. After a belly-stuffing mouthwatering meal, we ran a few errands and then went home. No sooner was I in the door- my cat was at my feet. I sat down to check stuff on the internet, and my cat jumps up and into my lap. Odd! She headbutted me, and jumped to the back of my recliner again- and sat there for about 15 minutes patiently. That was all though... I got up to get more tea, and she sat down on the floor in front of me and meowed loudly. Ok, I looked at her- and she meowed again and started going the opposite direction as me. I went and poured my tea, and walked to where she was... And she walked a few steps away. I told my Mom "See, that's her telling me to follow her..." and she laughed it off. But I know my cat!

I followed her upstairs, and she went right to her house and crawled in under the towel. I said to myself, nahhhh she's not gonna have the kitties today... But I thought wait, one more try... So I got up and came back downstairs. Oh she wasn't having any of that! She got out of her house, came back downstairs, marched right up to me and meowed emphatically. Oh great- yep, this is it! I followed Peeps back upstairs, and while she made herself comfortable in her bed- I made myself comfortable in mine. She was tired- so I have no idea how long she held her labor off (because cats can do that!) but most likely the entire time I was out for lunch and errands. This was about 4pm, and I fell asleep until 6. Peeps had come up and curled up with me on my bed after I konked out, but when I woke up she moved back down to her house. At this point, she started purring loudly- and stayed this way throughout her entire labor with the exception of the strong contractions when she pushed the babies out.

Concentrating! One and Two are here!
The first one arrived at 7:26 and was the rusty orange kitten. Second up was a white and gray kitten almost 10 minutes later. An hour passed, and at just before 9pm she had number 3, who was a white and cream colored kitten- and the runt of the litter. I know she had at least one more in her- but she settled down and started nursing the kits.

Three little babies <3
At about quarter after 11, I shook the treats bottle and she came out to eat. I also had brought up fresh water and food for her- so she wouldn't have to go downstairs. She got up and came out for a few bites- and then we saw her back end contracting again. Making a quick retreat back into her house, she delivered the blondie and cream kitten at 11:27- and it came out quickly! It looked like a little T-Rex with how it was positioned and squirming! Mama quickly cleaned off the kit, and they all settled in to nurse. I thought she might have had a fifth one still in there- but she settled down and went right to sleep with the babies. It might have been her large milk ducts that I had felt- not another baby!

Giving Momma hugs!

Content Peeps nursing the three kits <3

This morning- I was woken up by loud purring again- and upon saying "Good Morning Mama Peeps and kittens!", she meowed and I swear she smiled at me! She came downstairs with me for fresh water from the bathroom faucet, and again called for me to follow her back up... 

Kittens: 2, 1 and 3

Blondie #4 has arrived!

Momma Cat cleaned them all up quickly!

I'm pretty sure her half yowl/meow was a "Mooommmmm! You gotta come up and help me with these kids!!!" I laughed.... And most of my day has been spent upstairs with my new Momma kitty and her pretty little babies! She's content, nursing her little ones, and coming out for the occasional rub to let me know she's still here. :)

This is the sight I woke up to this morning, and a kitten pile!
4 little bums.
Huddle! It's warm!
Newborn Kittens just over 12 hours old <3

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