April 30, 2011

Konadicure - Hello Kitty, You're Lookin Wild Today!

Ah yes. Since we all know, or at least have a pretty good idea by now, just how much of a geek I am... This is a perfectly acceptable manicure for me to sport. I'm a tomboy at heart- I work on tractors, cars, and trucks. I can do my own oil changes, know how to replace my brake pads- and put it all back together. I've replaced a broken head block, bored out stuck screws, and know how to clean spark plugs. It's quite easy. I know where my fusebox is, how to replace a blown one, how to back up with a trailer attached to my vehicle and not jack-knife it, and how to squeeeeeeeeze my Truckasaurus Rex into areas where people in VW Bugs think is impossible for them to travel. I'm proficient on how to get a fire out side going, how to split wood, plowing a driveway with a tractor (if there's ever a time I have one of my own, I know how to operate it. To hell with a snowblower!), lay real pine flooring, assist with tiling work and an array of other stuff. I'm familiar with nearly all of Dad's tools, in the tool box and the "Big Boy Toys". Told you I'm a tomboy.

I'm also excellent at applying makeup, and love to do my nails.
I hate the word "cute". I don't know, I say it some times... But don't ever call me cute. It's a guaranteed butt whoopin for you if you dare to go there. And be aware- at this time, I wield a cane, so I have the added assistance of a "weapon", if you can even call it that.

Anyways- look at what I'm excited to show you! I did my nails in a totally awesome mani today. I rewarded myself- it was laundry day, I cleaned, vacuumed, and did litter boxes (since we have a lot of cats). I figured, what the heck. I've had my nails bare for a few days now, and I was positively dying to use my Hello Kitty stamping plate that I got from Born Pretty Online's Store. Yep, they had a promo for a while where if you Re-Tweeted their Tweet, you'd get a free HK plate. So guess what I did. Yes, indeed.

I didn't, however, want to go all out and put that darling little cat on each nail of mine- I thought it would be kawaii overkill. I suppose I could have gotten away with it, but I love how this turned out! Don't you agree??

On my nails:

Orly Rubberized Basecoat
Sinful Colors "Forget Now"
Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry polish in "02 Whirlwind White"
N.Y.C. Long Wearing Nail Enamel in 104A
Seche Vite Fast-Dry Topcoat
Konad's Special Polish in Black-Gold
Konad Plate M57
Born Pretty Plate in M71
Very Small Swarovski Crystals (If I had to guess, about 2mm)

Basically, what I did was brush on the Orly Bonder. Then, on all fingers except my "accent", or ring finger, I applied SC's "Forget Now" polish. I like this one because it's a beautiful deep magenta with silver sparks in the polish. When in sunlight, it's absolutely gorgeous! Once they were done with 2 coats, I finished them off with a coat of Seche Vite.

Next, I painted my accent nails with Sally Hansen's "02 Whirlwind White" for my base. I did 2 coats, and finished with a coat of SV. I then took Konad's M57 plate and stamped the lacy leopard print pattern onto the tips of my nails using their Special Polish in Black-Gold. By this time, my accent nails were dry enough to stamp, so I put on the lovely Miss Hello Kitty and covered all my nails with a SV clear coat.

I used SC's "Forget Now" again to color in the little bow on her head, and applied the N.Y.C. 104A to my nail around Hello Kitty's face. I did two coats, because I wanted the pale blue shimmery shade to really be set off in sunlight and show that there really is another color besides white on my nails. One that was done, I put a dab of SV in the middle of the bow, picked up a rhinestone, and placed it. Another (bit thicker) coat of SV was applied- and I was done!

Now, in some of the pictures it appears that Hello Kitty is smeared and has an air bubble. Upon closer inspection, I didn't smear her face (my camera somehow picked that up!), and the air bubble has since gone to Vegas.

I'm totally feeling like a sassy cat right now! Is it a manicure you'd be proud to sport??? What do you think?!

I'm feeling pretty girlie right now... And that's ok with the tomboy part! *laughs*

Sparklies and Hello Kitties to all!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. Pretty freakin' amazing, Amanda! I love the shimmery blue veil on the ring fingers--very cool touch, that ;)

  2. @Reggie: Thank you. My NAILS are cute LOL
    Not ME.... :D

    @rivercitylizzy: Thanks!! It's only a hint, but it's so pretty!

  3. Hahaha. You KNOW I was totally teasing you! ;P

  4. @Reggie: Yep! Hence the lack of a beat down ;)

  5. @Kattatonic Fierceology: Thank you :D

    @Michelle: I feel like a frisky feline!