September 28, 2010

Tips & Tricks - Hide Those Bags!!

I've been sitting here today, not really terribly motivated because it's still raining. Yes, this hurts my back greatly... So while I beat myself up for being lazy today and not playing with makeup like I intended, I'll share one of my tricks with you. I plan to do this more often, in case there are more days it's rainy and my back just decides to absolutely kill me. Let's get started...

This is the only time I'll let you see these...
We all have nights where we just don't feel rested... Right? For me, that was last night. I tossed, turned and hardly slept- and every time I moved it would wake me up. Needless to say- the bags underneath my eyes are a yucky dark  mess... It looks like I got socked twice and have black eyes. Ok, maybe not that bad... But certainly in need of covering up. How to cover them? Well, aside from buying industrial strength super-concealer- a really simple and fast fix. You know that eye primer you put on your lids to keep your shadows from budging during the day? Wait, what? You've got to be kidding me... You need eye primer!! Ok, phew. Yes.... You have some. Makeup application:

1) Moisturize your face with whatever cream you use
2) Grab the primer... And swipe a little under your eyes
3) Using a concealer brush, lightly pat and blend foundation (liquid or powder) over the primer
4) Apply the foundation to the rest of your face
5) Prime your eyelids, continue makeup application
6) Admire your finished makeup in the mirror, and thank me for giving you this little tip :D

Ok, ok... You don't actually have to thank me, but it sounded cute. At least in my head it did.... Attempting to make my posts humorous! I'm digressing... Yes, the baggy blue half-moons under your eyes are gone. Kaput! Hidden! Never to be shown again! Well, until you wash off your makeup... It's genius! I've had to adopt this practice since I've developed such awful bags under my eyes from lack of good rest, and just generally feeling crappy. This fools everyone, since they take one look and go "Oh you're looking terrific!". It's my little secret. I smile, thank them, and continue on at least looking healthy. I hide it well... But I'm being as honest as I can!

Next time you wake up with a hangover, or your kids keep you up all night... If you needed to cram for a test, but don't want to show up to school looking like a zombie, or scare that cute boy that pops in at work away... Trust me on this one.... Eye Primer works wonnnnn-ders! You'll look fresh faced, bright eyed... And nobody will be the wiser ;)


  1. Fab trick guess I better get some primer soon xxx I have permanent bags !!!

  2. another great tip for those that have puffy bags... as i do... I haven't tried this yet.. but have been told that it works wonders.... Preparation H hemorrhoid cream!!! Reduces swelling and poof! bags are history! I've also seen many articles where professional makeup artists use this all the time!
    (if anyone has actually tried this... let me know! I'm a little scared... )

  3. @Irreplaceable: You'll never have visible bags again! :)

    @Michelle: Preparation H works WONDERS! I've seen my Aunt K use it, and her's disappeared like *that*... Needless to say, she's a HUGE proponent of using it on her face :) Just as long as you don't get it *in* your eyes- it's great! All these years we wondered what her trick was... The last thing we ever thought was Hemorrhoid Cream!