April 17, 2011

It's About Time I Make Time... The Versatile Blogger Award!

Alright ladies and gents... I've been putting this off for the last week. Ok, honestly... Not "putting" it off... It's just that I get so distracted so easily, I just often forget to do things.

In an effort to help me remember to do what I need to get done, I have a handy dandy little notebook I have with me. Usually. And I write down what I need to get done that day/week/month as far as paperwork, to-do's, goals, and other stuff. The really bad part about all this? When I need it the most, I forget where that notebook is... And what I've written down in it. Yeah. Welcome to my life! (laugh!) I search high, low, under cushions, seats, paperwork, pillows, blankets, in the bathrooms, under my bed, in the craftroom, and have even gone as far as the garage some days. On occasion, I remember having it last in one of the vehicles (my truck, or Mom's car), and I venture out there to find.... Nothing! I come back inside, huff and puff, sit down... And usually see it within 5 minutes. I swear- that little bugger moves around by itself. It has legs, I just haven't found out where yet. One of these days, I'll figure it out. If I remember...

Anywho... Since my last post was kind of a downer, and really took a lot for me to open up the way I did... I thought it was quite fitting to finally acknowledge and thank the wonderful ladies who have passed this along to me:

The day I received a comment from Amanda T. over at her blog, Glitters and Bubbles, it was a day that really lifted my spirits and made me smile! The past few weeks have been rough, with Mom giving us a scare, me up and down and not feeling well at all, and life in general. So to see that I was awarded by someone I consider a close online friend... It totally made my day!

Then what happened? I noticed that one of my other fellow friends, Reggie from Color Me Obsessed, whom I consider a "Partner in Crime" now because of our antics and shenanigans online, had awarded it to me as well! Well... Shucks! I'm honored! Thank you ladies!

Since I've been awarded twice, I have to come up with 14 new things you don't know about me. If you'll remember last time, a similar list was created when I received the Stylish Blogger Award from SisiSparkles. This is going to be hard. Hmmm....

1. I know how to crochet, knit, cross stitch, make stained glass art, mosaic, scrapbook, make hair extensions, and I've worked as a florist. Yes- I like to be kept busy with my hands and create things which are visually pleasing and also decorative! The only thing I really can't do is paint/draw. Sometimes, I can do some neat abstract watercolors- but that's as far as I venture!

2. I have invested thousands of dollars into scrapbooking supplies, stickers, cutters, embossers, grommets, albums, accents, tapes, glues, papers... And I've only made one. Stupidly, I gave it to someone who didn't deserve it. But the fact remains- I have a TON of stuff, and every intention on making scrapbooks... When I can bear to let go of the stickers and designed paper I don't want to "ruin". Packrat, anyone?!

3. I hoard pens. I don't know why. I like that some are ball point pens. I love sharpies. Glittery pens? Mine. Free pens? I take two. Flower pens banks use to deter people from taking them with them when they leave? Yeah, sometimes those find a way home with me too. Typically by sticking it in my hair so it looks like a barrette. It's not technically stealing... I just give them a better home than a boring office!!

4. I loved Firefly. They really, really, really need to bring that show back.

5. I never had canned pasta sauce until I got to college. It baffles me that some people have never even tasted a homemade pasta sauce. See, I'm Italian. I grew up in the kitchen. This girl knows how to cook!! And Ragu? Sucks. The only one I can remotely stand is the Wegman's brand, in any flavor. Especially the Four Cheese one. Those are actually decent... But realistically?? I make my own sauce!

6. I'm the oldest of four children, and also the shortest. I'm 5'2". My brother is just shy of 6'. My middle sister is about 5'5". My youngest sister is 5'10". We call her the Glamazon. And we are all fiercely protective of each other.

7. I have a scar on my bottom lip, and the inside of my mouth. That's right- when I was in Third Grade, I was playing on the Monkey Bars at recess and decided none of the boys were allowed up on them. While trying to get down to show one of my friends how to do my "flip", I lost my grip and remembered opening my eyes and feeling myself on the ground. I got up, felt sticky, looked down to see myself covered in blood... Indeed, I had bitten clear through my lip by accident. Rushed to the nurses office, off to the doctor's, 5 stitches later I was closed up. It took weeks to heal, and it was difficult to eat. And I never wore gloves on monkey bars again.

8. I donate blood every chance I get. Since I've been treated with medications for the past year, I haven't been able to which bums me out. But there will come a day I'll be able to do it again. I'm also planning on trying to see if I'll match anyone as far as being a marrow donor too. I think society as a whole should be concerned about helping each other a lot more often than they do, instead of just looking out for their own selfish interests. Do something because it's right and you want to... Not when it becomes an emergency or a necessity.

9. I have a love of corsets and how I feel when laced up in one. My back would probably be in better shape if I could wear one more often than I do, but not having any income at the moment kind of squashes that part. A well made piece is a few hundred dollars. I plan on having quite a collection in the upcoming years. I wear them for fun- they're tasteful, pretty corsets. Some are even downright cute- there's a Hello Kitty one I've been admiring for some time now!

10. I buy patterned socks. Why? That way, I know exactly which ones to pair once they've been laundered, and the washing machine monster is less likely to eat just one patterned sock. There are occasions where I wear two different socks entirely... My youngest sister does too!

11. On occasion, when the mood strikes me, I make faerie wings. They can be done either out of fabrics, feathers, or for uber-lightweight ones I use iridescent cellophane and other materials. I haven't made any recently, because people just don't have the expendable income they once had in this economy the way it is these days. Custom orders are welcome though!

12. I'm a Macintosh Girl. I love Apple. I want a Macbook Air. I'm stuck working on a crappy PC for the time being. If anyone feels like doing a great deed for the year, a 13 inch is what I'm really really wishing for. *grin*

13. I'm totally obsessed with nail stamping art lately. It's fun, easy, and I always get compliments! Plus the fact that my nails are growing as healthy as they've ever been is awesome too! It's so much less than going to the salon to have them done... And what people think are fake nails on my hands, because of the length I let them get at times, are shocked they're my natural ones!

14. I've had a boy chasing after me for 10 years trying to get a date. Our timing has never been right, I was dating someone, he was dating someone, I had moved away, he was somewhere. He asked me a few times to be his girl, and I always felt like I would be a burden if I got into a relationship with the current state I'm in health wise- especially since he lives 2 hours away. His persistence, understanding and patience has shown me a side of him I never knew- and I'm glad I've found. He doesn't mind my physical limitations, and is helping me cope with everything I've been going through. I'm happy to report that we are now an official couple, have been for a while, and it's pretty safe to say that he's the last man I intend to date. Feel free to take any implication of that you like *grin*

Alright, I made it to 14 new ones! Whew!!!

Now, since I didn't have 15 blogs I followed when I got my last award, I certainly have more than that now. This is good, because I get to share with you who I love to read posts from now that I have more that I tune in to on a regular basis. So here it goes, and who I give this Versatile Blogger Award to!
  • Manda from Toxid-Lotus is another one of my "Partners in Crime"... So stop by and check out her awesome posts, because there are certainly lots of different ones! Some of the LOTD's she comes up with are amaaaaaaazing!!
  • Erin from The Cheap Chick which I check out every chance I get... Not only does she post about giveaways, but tips, tricks, deals, and helping out other bloggers too! We also have some pretty hilarious Twitter conversations!
  • Magdalene from I'm Not Skinny, So What who posts about Coach Bags, diamond rings, and gets some fabulous swatches of makeup too! Plus, she's a total sweeheart to talk to and deal with!
  • Marin from Linnaeus Cosmetics, who not only is a F/T student, but also manages to run her own MMU business which has color sets designed and inspired by animals!  How awesome is that?! Plus- she's one of the nicest business owners I've dealt with.
  • Kim from KimmieKarmaLove who has an amazingly detailed, swatched-to-heaven awesome blog! I love hanging out over there!
  • Michelle from Makeup-Mama who's just started out with a bog, and boy what a job she's done! If you're looking for pretty EOTD posts, you definitely have to check her out!
  • Jessica from over at The Urban Critique has just started getting going... And going... And going! She's got some posts that will keep you checking back often- and I love the unique way she does her swatches! Go check it out to see how!
  • Stephanie from The Raven And The Rose who not only does fabulous swatches (seriously amazing!) but has some fantastic EOTD's posted often. I wish I had that kind of drive!!
  • Tracey from Ginger Kitty Designs has amazing nail polish jewelry she creates- each one is totally unique and one of a kind!
  • Amber from DoubleHelix has some gorgeous LOTD's, well thought out posts, great reviews and an interesting array or products she shares with us all.
  • Visit Ber from Rock A Betty Beauty where the tagline (appropriately!) is "Where EVERY gal's a pinup!" Hell yeah!!
  • Last but certainly not least is Wendi, the lovely Makeup Zombie... She's just sheer awesomeness!!

So I hope you gals take a few minutes, peruse and check out all these blogs that I like to hang out around... And have fun! If you truly want some giggles... You can find the majority of us over on Twitter too ;)

They haven't been listed in any sort of particular order... Just as I felt like listing them out this evening!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. Aww! I was just gonna comment about the pasta sauce (I'm with you, that stuff is so foreign to me, it's SO EASY to make your own ffs) and the man (aww, so sweet!! Congrats on finding such an apparently sweet and dedicated guy <3) and then I saw that you tagged me for the award ^.^ Thanks hun!!

  2. @Erin: I want pasta now, and I just had beef stew for dinner earlier... LOL! My guy has NEVER had a homemade sauce... I should whack him upside the head with a pan, go "BONGGGGGGG!" hahaha... Nah, don't wanna hurt him :)
    Of course I'd tag you! I know I don't comment much on your blog, but I'm reading just about every post that comes out!!

  3. Thank you so much Amanda, you are so sweet! Now, do I make a list of my own and nominate other bloggers? I'm not sure what to do.

  4. I want to see a photo of that Hello Kitty corset, I love her!

  5. @Michelle: You're welcome! You deserve it! :)
    And yes... I should have posted the rules like the other one had... Whoops!
    You have to thank anyone that nominated you (moi!)
    And for each person who gave you a nomination for the blog award, you have to come up with 7 random facts that we don't already know.
    Then you pick the blogs you frequent the most, and nominate them for the award! It's FUN!!

    And Hello Kitty!

  6. That corset is awesome, I love the hot pink one too! I also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, I just had to!


  7. Hey Amanda! Thank you thank you <3 I'm working on posting it as soon as I can!

    And mmm... I love a good homemade pasta sauce. Can you please send the recipe my way? :D

    As for the boy, you're one lucky gal and I can only be envious of you. You're a beautiful person inside out and you deserve a good guy. No doubt about that!

  8. Aww! so glad I could help make your day just a little bit brighter!

  9. Aw, thank you so much for featuring my blog! :) I've always loved your FOTDS so that's a huge compliment coming from you!

  10. Thank you so much for picking me :0) I have done this one before but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you mentioning me. ((hugs))

  11. Thanks Amanda! I like this award, I think it'll be fun to come up with a bunch of things that my readers don't know about me!!