January 11, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Well, where do I start?! I know I'm quirky, silly, definitely addicted to color... A makeup junkie at heart, and a new fan of DIY nail art which I have just discovered can be done without using freehand (in my case, bad) doodles. Since I'm not entirely used to having people comment on my blog (yet!), I went poking through the other day and was surprised to find out I had been given The Stylish Blogger Award from SiSiSparkles!!

I know I have some pretty funny stuff going on over here... But I didn't really think I was "stylish", so thank you SiSiSparkles for giving me this award!

With the acceptance of the award, you must follow these rules:
1 - Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
2 - Share 7 things about yourself
3 - Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4 - Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

7 things about myself: 
I love to re-work jewelry I buy, and I'm addicted to sparkles. Hence, I also make handmade jewelry featuring Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious stones, and sterling silver!

I'm a computer geek by trade. I'm good at figuring out what's wrong with a machine, and doing what I can to fix it. Both Mac's and PC's, though... I prefer Mac's!

I'm a sucker for chocolate. I think my favorite kind is Godiva. Caramel Hot Chocolate is to die for.

I despise Valentine's Day. Halloween is my favorite holiday, followed by Christmas. And everyone loves St. Patrick's Day! Green beer! And the 4th of July- love the fireworks! Any excuse to celebrate is good enough for me!

I'm a cat person. Don't get me wrong- I love dogs and all, but a cat you can leave at home for the weekend if you want to take off. You don't need to find a sitter to walk them, feed them, play so they don't chew...

I'm a shoe addict. In my heyday, I'd buy anything on a whim. Cute heels? Mine. Unique sneakers? Mine. Sparkling, sequined flats? Also mine. Ridiculous shoes? Again, mine!!! I can't wear them yet (because of my back) but be sure, the day I can, is the day I celebrate!!!!!

Someday soon, I hope to get back to school to get an esthetician's license and contract out to do makeup for special occasions, weddings, proms, etc. Until then, you can find me creating tutorials with makeup I collect, taking pictures of looks, and sharing it all with you- my readers/followers/fans! Being unemployed and not approved for disability (yet)stinks... But I'm keeping my chin up, and my eyes on the horizon. This blogging/tweeting/creating process really does keep me going.
2011 is going to be a great year for me!

 Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers:
(I have 13 right now I'm sharing!)

 In serious need of swatch spam? Visit Wendi over at The Makeup Zombie for some outstanding EOTD's and swatches!

Pink Sith. You're just going to have to take my word for it! The name itself is intriguing! Go on, go look... I know you're dying to!

For beautiful looks and EOTD's, check out Cindy over at My Makeup Addiction for beautiful pictures, hauls, reviews and tutorials!

One of my favorite people online, and for many others too, is Kandee Johnson! She's a makeup artist to the "stars", but also finds time to make tutorials featuring makeup tips, tricks, how-to's, cooking and various other things too! I find her personality so bubbly and infectious, it's hard to stay away! And she's expecting her baby girl to be born any day now... So warm wishes to Kandee and her little "cupcake"!

Love shopping, but on a budget? Or looking to get smart with spending? Definitely stop by and see Erin at The Cheap Chick for tips, picks, and general awesomeness. Also check out the awesome giveaway links in her right-hand-bar too!

Klaire de Lys is another blogger/YouTuber I follow simply because her designs are amazing.... Whimsy, magic, and glitteries perfect her amazing looks. And her accent is quite enchanting too!

Visit El'Aundra for advice, tips, tricks, inspiration and beautifully written posts, it's one of my favorite places to be online! Especially since you can be featured as differently categorized beauty bloggers.

KimmeKarmaLove is a source of wonderful inspiration for me... With fresh looks, bold eyes, and a good dose of healthy humor, this is another of my favorite reads!

Looking for a little bit of everything? You'll for certain find it at Of Faces and Fingers... Since it is a blog about makeup and nail polish, after all!

Jolene over at Jewelrybeads Beauty Blog has got it going on! She's bubbly, fun, has an infectious personality- and her reviews are detailed, listed with pros and cons, and have some pretty gorgeous pictures.

In my obsessive search for nail-art tutorials, I stumbled across Miss80Million. W-O-W... Please stop by and give her blog a read! Especially if you want nail-related inspiration for designs!!

I just found Noveau Cheap, and I have to say... I'm totally digging the detailed reviews, and beauty coupons for sales!

For more deliciously detailed reviews, swatches, and all things beauty cool... Check out Aquaheart's Obsession to feed this desire!

Once again, a big huge thank you to SiSiSparkles for giving me this great opportunity for being recognized as a Stylish Blogger and allowing me to share some of my favorite must-reads with you!

~*Snarky P


  1. Thanks for sharing the love sweetheart <3
    I share the love of cats but not the love of shoes. I hate shoes, can never find a pair I like =(
    I still need to find shoes for my wedding... it's the part of organisation I dread the most LOL

  2. @Tynga: What kind are you looking for? I'm a shoe hound... I might be able to find something for you?? :)

    @MZ: Thank you doll!

  3. You are stylish! I don't know what you're trying to deny, lol :P

    Godiva is to die for! I'm off to check off your recommendations. Have a good evening dear :]

  4. Aww, thank you for the award! You are too kind :D

  5. This is so wonderful- thank you sooo much for such lovely comments! I am a shoe addict at heart too!