~*Snarky Princess: A Little Bio*~

So you want to know a little about the artist behind the eyes?

Well, I'll tell a little bit I suppose...
I'm a self professed makeup junkie. Ever since I was a ballerina years, and years, and years... *ahem*, pardon me... I don't mean to digress... I loved playing with Mom's makeup. I'd go in and open the little black case, and paint the bright blue (you remember the 80's?!) on my eyes. Then proceed to smear lipstick in what I thought was a fashionable look onto my cute little pout. Unfortunately, I don't believe I looked that good...

And no, there is no photographic evidence of such events!

Needless to say, I was a makeup addict ever since. I hit middle school, and used to play with some neutral tones. High School, I got a little bolder. As time went on, I played with colors- but didn't really know how to get them intense.

Then... I discovered mineral makeup. Yep, and so goes the story! All that fabulous color on my own lids, my family, and friends are all 100% natural! Vibrant, eh?!

I've decided to make something out of my little obsession, and this year I'll be going to school to gain my esthetican's license so I can work makeup on anyone that wants it done! This is my goal over the next 12 months.

Otherwise... I live for music- I'd rather have that on in the background than the TV. I love to drive in the woods- hopefully we'll get my back problems figured out soon and get me fixed. I have a little kitty cat that's awful pretty- she's a Patchwork Calico Tabby. I hate shoes- I love going around barefoot. However, if I'm going to have to wear shoes- they're ALWAYS cute. Even flip-flops have crystals... (giggle)
I love to be outside, and there's nothing better than a yard full of family and friends gathered around a fire pit, enjoying the sounds of the night and making s'mores.
I love having my signature bright red hair- and while I miss my honey-blond natural tones, I'm just too in love with the red to give it up. Perhaps in time.... I will... We'll see. It's kind of cool to be identified now as "The girl with the bright red hair." in town when people don't remember my name... They sure remember my locks!! I'm fiesty, outspoken at the right moment, quirky, silly, sometimes ditzy and nearly always ready for a good time. Lately, it has been tough due to a back problem that's been plaguing me for the past months... But we'll figure it out, and get me back up and movin again soon!

So hope this lets you get to know me a little better... If you have any other questions, please ask! If you have any questions or would like to contact me, my email address is trinnity218 at (@) gmail dot (.) com.

Ciao from the Snarky Princess!!