May 5, 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins - Greed and Charity Collaboration with Makeup Zombie

Ahhh, the smell of fresh, crisp bills. There's never enough for me to hold in my hands. The enormous vault of gold I keep. It's in a very well secured place, otherwise known as Fort Knox. Yes, all those gold bars are mine. Heh, I wish. If one is good, two is better. Ten is outstanding. I want more, more more! My sin of the week is:

Greed. It is an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods with the intention to keep it for one's self. Greed - like lust and gluttony - is a sin of excess. Greed is inappropriate expectation. However, greed is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power.
As a secular psychological concept, greed is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.

Give it all to me. I want it all. Fame, riches, the big house. I know no bounds. And when I have it all, I'll still want more, more more!!! Oh yes, and a little announcement that is to be made is that these awesome posts are now moving to Thursdays! That's right, Makeup Zombie and I will be doing these posts every Thursday from now on! The next set of looks... Well, that remains to be seen!

On my face:
Arran Moisturizing Cream
UDPP under eyes
e.l.f. Concealer/Highlighter under eyes, on blemishes
e.l.f. Complexion Perfection on face
Meow Cosmetics Foundation in Purr-fect Puss in Siamese Inquisitive

BH Cosmetics 1st Edition 120 Palette matte greens in top tray- various shades on upper and lower lids.
Wet 'N Wild Coloricon Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Black on upper and lower waterlines
Shimmery dark green BH shadow over black liner on bottom waterline
Wet 'N Wild MegaPlump Mascara in Black

Physicians Formula Illuminating Blush in Vintage Rose

De-potted lipstick, not sure what brand or color
(I forgot to write it down!)

So there you have it. I'm greedy. I need money, send me riches, jewels, anything you can bear to part with that has any value and I can store in my treasure hoard. I need to add to my pile of goodies!

And of course, you always need a little bit of Charity to even out the balance of my Greed. So stop on by Makeup Zombie's page to check out her sweet look! Don't be fooled... We only look sweet and innocent when we do the "Virtue" looks *wink*

I was a little iffy about the liner in this look, because at first (believe it or not) I screwed it up and was going to start over... But I decided to make the best of the situation- and went very dramatic! Can you believe it even withstood the pouring rain today?!

Would you wear a look like this out?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. HAHA. It's hilarious we both used green!

  2. Oh and I think this is my favorite look of yours ever.

  3. I LOVED your combination of greens girl!!

    And thanks ;)
    I kinda love how blue it makes my eyes!!

  4. I agree with Wendi this look is AWESOME on you Amanda!! I especially love it with the hood up, makes you look all WW (Wicked Witch) lol! And the PROPS! You two make an incredible team, that's for certain ;)

  5. I LOVE the eyeliner, gorgeous!

  6. @Cheryl's LoL: Thank you so very much!!!

    @rivercityizzy: Awwwww thank you!! :D I like WW!

    @Michelle: Thank you... I cussed at it at first because it didn't do what I wanted it to do... But then... It worked out in the end!!

  7. Love it !!! I like the facial expression that goes with it as well!!

  8. Woohoo amazing! :D the last picture makes you look super greedy (and I mean that as a compliment, of course ;D)

  9. This is such a pretty green. I love the way you wing your eyes out girl :]
    I would SO wear this out if I can pull off green!

  10. Awesome combination of greens! Good old 120 palette! I love this for Greed. You guys should do a heros/villains series next.

  11. Thanks ladies!!

    The next series is going to knock your socks off!! But we're not telling what it is yet ;)

  12. I love your blog! And i've passed along an award to you to show my love. Hope you can pass it along too!