May 31, 2011

I've Moved!

Hello friends!

I wanted to let you all know that I'm no longer going to be publishing through Blogger anymore... I've got my own website where you can find me! I've officially launched, and still have many tweaks to finish up... But I'm just so excited to share with you I couldn't wait!

Head on over to Snarky Princess to see my brand spankin new site!

I'm going to leave this blog here and unaltered for a few weeks for those of you who might want to read through posts. After that, I'll be removing posts and leaving a single directive to my new site.

Thank you ALL for being such an awesome community of supporters, and I hope you continue on with me!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

May 25, 2011

EOTD/FOTD- Technically, Yesterdays!

So yes.... Technically, yesterday was Tuesday. Mosaic class was switch-a-rooed, but I had fun coming up with another free form design... And I think I'll be working on it later on (technically) today. It's going to be pretty fun- mirrored pieces, iridescence, fun colors! Anywho- you'll be proud of me. I totally took pictures of my look today- since a) they're my first mineral matte shadows and b) they're my new e.l.f. Mineral shadows. That's right- I got my package on Monday! And (technically!) yesterday I got my package from Cherry Culture- I bought some Nyx while they were on sale over there, and before the "Anniversary Fail" Sale.

Anywho- I wanted to dig in to my matte shadows. I wanted smoky, sexy, spring-ish. In total- I was able to nab the 10 free mineral eye shadows from e.l.f. that were offered on sale until May 23rd. In order to do that, I had to order a certain (reasonable) amount of makeup... So I bought three of their new Matte Lipcolors, five of their new gel eyeliners, a stippling brush, and... I don't remember. I can't remember if there was something else. Huh. LOL It's late, my brain is fried! And yes, we were in my sister's car, driving with the windows down for the first time this season because it was finally not raining today- and the big yellow thing in the sky came out to say hello! It was amazing!!! Hence, the crazzzzzy hair!

On my face:
Arran Aromatics Moisturizing Cream
e.l.f. Highlighter/Concealer Wand
e.l.f. Complexion Perfection
Too Faced Illuminating Foundation Wand in London Fair
Meow Cosmetics Purr-fect Puss Foundation in Siamese Inquisitive
Physicians Formula Illuminating Blush in Vintage Rose

On my Eyes:
e.l.f. Mineral Eye Shadows:
Temptress- Mauve on lid only
Innocent- Natural Highlighter, from crease to brow bone
Seductive- Black in crease, blended out to a soft wash
Physicians Formula Felt-Tip Eye Marker Pen in Ultrablack
Wet 'N Wild Coloricon Kohl Eyeliner in Black
WnW MegaPlump Mascara in Black
Random Mauve lip liner
e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose

And that's my look. Was my look. Oh yes... You noticed the sparkle.... Well, I just couldn't pass up the temptation of adding a little glitter to my eyes. The last package of Nyx products I'll purchase for a loooong while arrived yesterday. I totally got Candy Glitter Eyeliner in Hot Candy. I applied it to just the outer corner of my eyes, for some pizzazz!

I'm off to wash up now, and get to bed! I'm tired... And I have another cool look planned for tomorrow in my head... And I'm sure you want to see! The only thing I'm not crazy about with the e.l.f. mineral shadows is the fact they do contain Bismuth Oxychloride. Now, because it's only going on my eyes- it's not that big a deal. However, if it were foundation... That's a deal breaker. So if you have sensitive skin- beware! It's not done anything to me- and I'm pretty pleased at the quality of the shadows. Review on products upcoming!

Would you wear this trio of shadows? How bout the glitter?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

May 23, 2011

A Celebratory Giveaway!

That's right, it's time to celebrate! I never in a million years dreamed I'd gather so many people just by starting a silly blog and detailing my funny makeup antics! Who would have known- certainly not I!

As a huge thank you to all of you who follow me with my huge successes (Like say... Dia De Los Muertos.... Epic painted face!) and great mistakes (orange hair, anyone?!) I'm going to be putting up a giveaway in roughly a week's time. Who's excited!? I sure am! I have over a thousand of you on my Facebook Page alone! There's over 200 of following me on Twitter! I'm quickly coming up on nearly 200 readers here! I'm working my way slowly to almost 200 YouTube subscribers! That's a lot of you!!! I've never met such a wonderful group of ladies and gents, and I'm rather thankful and very impressed that I'm involved with such an understanding, friendly, supportive and nice group of friends!

The picture below is not the giveaway stash- it's just merely an image for the blog, until I can get some snaps of what I actually am putting together for the giveaway <3

There's a few ways this could potentially pan out as far as winners go. Depending on the amount of product I manage to get together, there will be one Grand Prize winner. If there's enough loot to split, I'll be including more people! Don't worry- by the time I'm ready to launch, it will be quite a bit more clear as far as winners, entries and rules!

At the moment, I have in my possession some pretty neat cosmetic items. To rattle off a few, there's a brow kit, a mini N.Y.C. brush kit, some Max Factor eye shadow trios, a Revlon Contouring blush, Physician's Formula Plumping Lip Quad... And some other things I can't remember off the top of my head.... I'm also going to throw in a pair of 10" extensions I've made, and I also have a beautiful set of earrings headed my way as well.

However, I'm also having some Indie Cosmetic companies sending items over which I'll be receiving within this next week! You get a chance to win products from some of our favorite Indie Businesses! I'm super-excited about this giveaway- are you yet!?!?!

If you'd like to donate a product or two, or maybe send some samples, please feel free to comment below or to email me. I'm not comfortable asking people straight out for free products, or to help me sponsor anything. However, if this is something you're interested in helping me put together- I'd love to have your products included! Anyone that donates I'll also be featuring your logo as a button on blog over there on the right column...
Yep! Along with all my other Indie Favorites so far!
As a side note, pretty much all the companies I've listed on my Indie Page I plan on trying- and there are many many more on another list I have, which I just haven't posted yet. As I have funds becoming available, I plan to purchase cosmetics and continue to grow my stash of beauty products! There are just so many companies out there I'm absolutely dying to try... But that will be a work in progress!

Thank you all so very much for sticking it out with me so far! I'll be posting a blurb later this week about who some of my current sponsors are, and links to their social networking sites and shops.

What would you like to see by way of products? Comments and suggestions are always welcome!!
If you'd like to email me, you can do so at trinnity218[at]gmail[dot]com

I can't wait to get this up and running!

Oh, and just for fun, here's a picture of my not-so-Little-Dude at 7 months old! He's bigger than Mama Peeps, and still growing! He's definitely got Hobbe's (his Dad) build- and I have a feeling he's going to grow into one giant kitty. He hates bananas, but will eat a lot of other foods. He plays fetch too! Currently, Peeps is chillin on my legs keeping them warm for me. I'm going to take a quick nap- 4 nerve blocks were given to me this morning because my back was so bad, so I'm pretty wiped out. I'll be back later on though! <3

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

May 21, 2011

GEMS - Girls Are Not For Sale

Taken from GEMS website directly is more information:

Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) is the only organization in New York State specifically designed to serve girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. GEMS was founded in 1998 by Rachel Lloyd, a young woman who had been sexually exploited as a teenager. GEMS has helped hundreds of young women and girls, ages 12–24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and to develop to their full potential. GEMS provides young women with empathetic, consistent support and viable opportunities for positive change. 

Girls Educational and Mentoring Services’ (GEMS) mission is to empower girls and young women, ages 12–24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and develop to their full potential.  GEMS is committed to ending commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of children by changing individual lives, transforming public perception, and revolutionizing the systems and policies that impact sexually exploited youth.

GEMS’ vision is to end the commercial exploitation and trafficking of children. 

We believe that all young women have great beauty and worth, and the potential for future success. The voices and experiences of youth survivors are integral to the development and implementation of all GEMS’ programming. 

GEMS, was founded in 1998 by Rachel Lloyd, a young woman who had been commercially sexually exploited as a teenager. Ms. Lloyd came to the U.S in 1997 as a missionary to work with adult women exiting prostitution. While working with adult women in correctional facilities and on the streets, Ms. Lloyd observed the overwhelming need for services for young women at risk for sexual exploitation who were being ignored by traditional social service agencies. It became clear that specialized services were essential for this disenfranchised population.
From a one-woman kitchen table project, GEMS has grown to a nationally recognized and acclaimed organization and now is one of the largest providers of services to commercially sexually exploited and domestically trafficked youth in the US. GEMS advocates at the local, state and national level to promote policies that support young women who have been commercially sexually exploited and domestically trafficked.

This is a preventative epidemic. It happens each day, to more and more girls, young women, grown women. We don't hear much, I think, because subjects on this matter are sadly considered "taboo", and we live in an age where these sort of things couldn't possibly happen. Girls aren't sold out, prostituted, abused, left without hope. Unfortunately- it is true. And the longer people stay quiet about these behaviors, the more it enables those who exploit these children and women to continue what they do, without consequence.

It's time to make a serious change.

Racheal from Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics and Tina from Dark Heart Designs are teaming up to provide donations of products to roughly 50 girls currently seeking help and receiving services from GEMS. These little "Surprise Goodie Bags" are sure to bring a smile to their faces, and encourage them to find the natural beauty which resides inside each of them. You like getting surprise bags, right? This is no different- and it supports a great cause!

Rachael and Tina (along with some of us bloggers rallying around this great surprise) are trying to collect either monetary or product donations. One of Rachael's friends is hand-crafting and donating all 50 gift bags. Additionally, if you're a makeup company owner and would like to donate either samples or full sized jars of your product, you're more than able to. Please- feel free to donate only as much as you can. A dollar, while not much, is still a dollar more than they had before.

In total, there will be 50 "Surprise Goodie Bags" put together and delivered to the girls. The idea is once they receive them, they can mix, match, and swap colors/items with other girls. So if you donate products, you don't have to give 50. It can be any number you are able to donate. The donations which are needed most are for Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Black Bean. Used most commonly as eye-shadow primers/bases, there are more donations of these which are a need at this time. There are different online stores which offer the pencils for a discounted price, as well as eBay listings which they can be bought for a deal. Two of the best online places to purchase the Nyx Milk & Black Jumbo Pencils are from Beauty Joint and from Cherry Culture. Any other monetary or product donations, no matter how much, would be greatly appreciated!

You can contact Racheal at: arcpigments[at]gmail[dot]com
You can contact Tina at: Tina[at]darkheardesigns[dot]com

Please help us in bringing a smile to these girls' faces, and allowing them to gain back their self confidence, to know that we believe they are beautiful, to let their artistic creativity be expressed by and through makeup! To the girls, they'll know there are those of us who do not need to know them in order to help them brighten up their day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post ladies and gents. If you'd like to make a monetary donation, I've put a button in the right hand column of my blog, at the very top. I also ask that you please share this post by tweeting, facebook, even linking back to me if you want. Make sure word gets out- we can use all the help we can get!

We can make a difference!!
x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

** All images used in this post were taken from the website. In order to purchase bracelets, t-shirts, and buttons, you can visit their online shop to show your support!
I have not been asked by this organization to write this article, nor am I affiliated with them in any way. Two of my friends, Racheal and Tina, have let me know they are participating in donating some of their products to the girls of GEMS. I am not affiliated with either woman's company, nor been asked by them to write this article.
It's up to us, as individuals, to spread the word and help make these surprise bags really super. The more support we have, the greater success it will be!

Hair Adventures - The Vitamin C Trick Worked!

So as we're all well aware, I'm trying to pull the red out of my hair in order to go blonde for the summer. Below is what I started off with, and as you well know my favorite red. It's bright. It's classy. It's a color when inside looks "normal", but outside brightens right up to "that red!" A success too- I'm now known around town (well, was) as "The Redheaded Girl."

Back to the bleaching process. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I didn't expect to become partially blonde, partially orange, partially brassy copper, partly red. Heh. It's been quite a ride, hasn't it?! It's been a week since I bleached my hair, twice in one night. No- not the smartest thing to do, so right off the bat I recommend strongly that unless you know how your hair reacts to bleach processing- do not do it twice in a row!! That was a risk I took, knowing my hair might end up over processed, damaged, or worse- breaking off at various lengths. So take it from me- do not bleach twice in an evening. I was lucky.

Well, I've made extra sure to condition my hair not only in the shower, but also with leave in conditioners and silky smoothing products. Yeah, it means my hair gets greasier a bit quicker, but it's important it does such- the natural oils that your scalp generates will in essence "go crazy" and over produce. I then take my boar-bristled brush and make sure I brush my hair for about 5 minutes to distribute the oil and products through my hair evenly. This helps my hair heal faster- sealing the cuticle so it doesn't look so dry, but a heck of a lot better than the photo below!

Now, in doing all this, my friend Rebecca posted quite an interesting link to an article written by Kimmi Kill Zombie on my Facebook Page in regards of what to use to best strip color from hair without using harsh chemicals. I'm a natural blonde, probably more of a brownish tone now that I'm older, and I've had my hair red for years. To pull that amount of well worked in dye, I knew it would take some patience and work. Plus, the fact that I'm not currently employed kind of puts a damper in what I can spend on my hair. I'm not paying $100 an hour for "color correcting" at the salon up here. Thanks, but I'd rather have orange hair. Back to my friend- she posted this link about what soaps to use and how well they lift color in order for you to dye/bleach. The first was very obvious- shampoo. Just keep washing your hair. Or, wash vigorously, rinse, and then lather in hair again and leave for an hour, two, three, however long you can stand damp hair under a shower cap. This process will slowly wash out your hair- temporary color will of course fade quicker than permanent.

Second was to use liquid dish soap like Palmolive, Dawn or Joy. It's simply a more concentrated solution of soap of course. Instructions are the same as step 1, and it lifts a little more color than shampoo. Make sure to moisturize your hands or wear gloves, because as we all know, when we wash dishes a lot, our hands dry out.

The third option was the one that surprised me. Really, honestly surprised me. I was pessimistic. Wary even. But figured, what the heck- it really won't hurt me because it's juts a vitamin. So.... To the vitamin I turned. I grabbed my Vitamin C pills (with rose hips, which I don't think made a difference) which were 1000mg each. I crushed up 6 with a rolling pin, after breaking them in half with my fingers. I probably did too much, because my hair is short, but I mixed into about 3 Tablespoons of shampoo. Take a look below:

This mixture quickly became very thick and pasty. I didn't want to use a bunch of shampoo, so I used a spray bottle filled with water and sprayed it with about an additional Tablespoon of water to "loosen" it up. Yes, as you can see, I'm sporting my super-stylish Tinkerbell PJ bottoms. I gotta rock it out in the cute cartoon characters every so often you know!

Once it was mixed well and a little foamy, the picture above, I took it to the bathroom. It looks a little lumpy- but don't worry about it. You probably won't crush all the pills perfectly. Just make sure the majority of them end up in powder form. I sprayed my hair with the water until it was pretty damp, not dripping though. I picked up the mixture with my fingertips and massaged it into my hair, making sure I got everywhere- the blonde, the red, the black. Everything. It felt a little pasty, so I sprayed more water until I was able to lather the mixture into slightly bubbly consistency on my head. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the mixture left on my hand was coming away faintly tinged pink.
Next, I grabbed a plastic shopping bag...

Smexxxxxy! HAHA... I hunkered down in front of my computer here. Isn't it incredibly attractive how one can look with a plastic shopping bag plastered and tucked onto one's head!? I can't believe I posted this picture, and the one below... My face is splotchy- no makeup, I had an unfortunate run in with some baby powder earlier in the morning, and apparently didn't see the spots I didn't entirely wipe off my face... See those awful bags under my eyes that make me look like I have black eyes? Yeah- that's why I usually either don't leave the house, or I put on makeup before I go out. I don't want to scare everyone away.... Don't look too closely- trust me, it's for your own safety! My intention was to leave it on for an hour... But after the time had elapsed, I didn't have any itching or rash like it seems some people do. I have incredibly sensitive skin, but rugged hair, so I thought it was ok to let it keep going until I started feeling itchy. Or burning. I got distracted.

So here's my UH-OH face! I was only going to leave it for 2 hours, but time flew by and before I knew it, three had passed! Up and away to get a towel I went! Now I'll point out throughout the processing of this strange lifting process, there were some "drips" of moisture that came out down my forehead and out the back of the bag on my neck. Not a problem, but make sure the mixture does not get into your eyes! It's painful! The shampoo and crushed up Vitamin C makes a good lifting mixture, but it is not eye friendly! I simply had a paper-towel I used to wipe the drips as they snuck out of the bag.
I rinsed my hair out in the bathroom sink downstairs. I used tepid water, and rinsed some of the paste out of my hair before lathering up- just to get the extra out. At first, the water was only tinted pink... Which kind of made me happy- secretly I was hoping for more color to wash out. I wasn't done there though- after the majority of the paste rinsed out, I used what stayed in there to lather up and wash. Oh yes I got some bubbly foam going, and my hair felt soft and silky... I lathered some more, then rinsed...
It looked like strawberry milk-shake was being washed down the drain- that's how much this trick worked on pulling the color from my hair. Really?! I was excited! This much color coming out means.... It's going to be so much easier to bleach my hair to platinum! Score! Wanna see?

This is the result! The majority of the brassiness and orange is now lifted from my hair. Sure, there's still a bit left over- but this isn't bad at all. And with my intentions to bleach again, it's going to make the process that much easier. So was this a good way to go about "lifting" color? Yes. I think it is! Yes, I used a deep conditioner after this process. My hair feels so incredibly soft and thick right now. Vitamin C- who knew?!

Have you tried this method to lift excess color from your hair? Was it successful?
x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

May 20, 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath and Patienece Collaboration with Makeup Zombie

I've been fighting my computer nearly all day, hence the late posting of this look. Actually, officially, it's Friday. GAH! Nothing would please me more than to take this computer, walk it outside to my driveway, lay it down, AND DRIVE MY TRUCK OVER IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN UNTIL NOTHING IS LEFT BUT A BUSTED MESS OF PC PIECES. I really despise working on a PC. But until a time comes where a MacBook Pro or Air magically falls out of the sky, I'm stuck.

Rant: over.

Sin this week:

Wrath (Latin, ira), also known as "rage", may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Wrath, in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead. Feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, including impatience, revenge, and vigilantism.

Wrath is the only sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self-interest (although one can of course be wrathful for selfish reasons, such as jealousy, closely related to the sin of envy). Dante described vengeance as "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite". In its original form, the sin of anger also encompassed anger pointed internally rather than externally. Thus suicide was deemed as the ultimate, albeit tragic, expression of hatred directed inwardly, a final rejection of God's gifts.
So in lieu of words today, enjoy the pictures!

On face:
Arran Aromatics Moisturizing Cream
Meow Purr-Fect Puss Foundation in Siamese Inquisitive

On eyes:
Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Eye Shadows
Ladies In Waiting
Powdered Wigs
Physicians Formula Felt Marker in Ultrablack
WnW MegaPlump Mascara in Black

Wet 'n Wild 911D

This is one of my "raccoon eyes" looks according to my folks. Whatever. I love how blue my eyes stand out when I have heavy liner on!

Of course, you can't forget the lovely opposite of my sin... The Virtuous Patience. Try to hold your laughter- I know, neither Wendi or I are the patient type. But we can at least pretend to be, right!? Head on over and check out her corresponding look!

Someone better be getting me some chocolate soon, I'm in serious mood swinging time and heads may roll. I think Pretzel M&M's will suffice. I've been eating them a lot.

And yes, this picture came out lighter/paler than the rest. I thought it highlighted the difference in my hair a bit better. As you can tell, the blonde is more the way it should look, the orange and brassiness mostly dissipated... And the red considerably lifted.
The Vitamin C Trick worked- look for it tomorrow!!!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

May 19, 2011

Now I Know My ABC's... You're Tagged!!

ABC's are so much fun. And to break up the monotony of the same awards that have been going around lately, and having to come up with random facts about myself (which is soooo hard to do!!!), this one asks me questions, and all I have to do is answer! HA HA HA!

I need to thank both my friends for tagging me- eRiN over at The Cheap Chick and Melissa from Melissa's Random Musings blogs!! It was so fun reading facts about you, now it's my turn!

This is a terribly fun way to get to know each other in the blogging world, so read on for some fun facts! Then you'll see my picks to receive this fun "Get To Know You" survey!

A. Age: Believe it or not, I'm 30! I'm generally mistaken for being much, much younger. I get carded at the liquor store. At the convenience store. Sometimes, even going into Rated R movies. Score!!

B. Bed size: Full. Memory Foam. I <3 my bed. I'm little, don't need much room!

C. Chore you hate: Washing dishes. I hate them. Especially when food gets crusted on and is nearly impossible to scrape off.

D. Day: What?! About them? Most times, I don't want to get out of bed.

E. Essential start to your day: Stretching, so I can get out of bed. Then breakfast!

F. Favorite color: Red.

G. Gold or Silver: I like both, but prefer silver to wear! Or silver toned metals.

H. Height: 5'2” barefoot … I used to wear crazy heels that were 3" or more... But not so much now with my back being hurt. Actually not at all. I'm either in sneakers, socks, slippers, or barefoot.

I. Instruments: I played flute in middle/high school. I know how to play a little harp (from my youngest sister). I figured out keys on a piano, but haven't played in a long time.

J. Job title: A Snarky Princess. Due to my back injury, I can't work at this time.

K. Kids: Eventually!

L. Live: New Hampshire.

M. Mum’s name: Jacqueline.

N. Nicknames: Panda Bear, Peanut and "Boopie". The last was my Grandfather's favorite for me.

O. Overnight hospital stays: Most recent one? August of 2009 for having the Piggy Flu. Before that, I can't remember. I was in the hospital a lot in my high school years because of my asthma.

P. Pet peeve: I have way too many. People who talk with food in their mouth, or chew with their mouth open for me to see half masticated food in there. Gross. People who do not have good grammar, or "text talk" in a normal conversation. Hawkers, solicitors, telemarketers calling at dinnertime. People that don't use their blinkers, or who make a turn, and pull over to the opposite direction to make said turn leaving you jamming your brakes because you would have had room to get by had they not pulled all the way over into your part of the lane/street.

Q. Quote from a movie: "Never waste a hard-on, never trust a fart." Jack Nicholson

R. Right or left handed: Right to write and eat. Ambidextrous with most else.

S. Siblings: Three. I'm the oldest, and I have a brother and two sisters. Age difference between me and them is 2, 6 and 10 years.

T. Time you wake up: It varies day by day and how much sleep I tend to get each night. And how much rest I'm able to get.

U. Underwear: Love fun ones! Pretty, feminine and flirty underthings are a must!

V. Vegetables you dislike: Green peppers on pizza.

W. What makes you run late: My alarm clock not going off. Traffic.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: It may be a tie between my back and my teeth. Also chest (asthma problems).

Y. Yummy food you make: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai... You name it, I'll cook it! Oh, and I'm famous for my sushi making skills amongst my social group!

Z. Zoo: I love zoos! I made it halfway through the big one in Washington DC, and not only did we get rained out, but it was awesome. I need to go back for the other half. My favorite part was the Panda Exhibition! Because it's my nickname, and I <3 Pandas!

Now it's time to tag some of my fellow blogger friends. Since I waited days to do this, many of my more popular friends were tagged by other mutual friends. That's what I get for waiting! But it's ok- it just gives me a chance to share with you some new reads you might not have had yet!

Christina from Confessions of a Glitterholic
Karen from Crazy Mama Karen
Tina from Dark Heart Designs
Helen from Fairies Stole My Lipstick!
Alicia from Funny Face Beauty Blog
Tracey from Ginger Kitty Designs
Solange from Jewelry by Solange & Beadie and Things
Kim from  Kimmie Karma Love
Michelle from Makeup Mama
Kayla from Pretty unDead
Jessica from The Urban Critique
Wendy from Turtle Beauty
Cindy from Tynga's Reivews
Relynn from Stumbling Through Life

So there you have my tagged friends! You must fill out the ABC's on your own, and repost!
It doesn't matter how many more people you "Tag", you can do three or a hundred... Just list so we can find some new and great people too!

What's your favorite fun fact in here about me?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

May 17, 2011

Nixxing Nyx - The Sale That Never Was...

NyxGate. Nyx Fail. NixedNyx.  NYX120Fail. NyxFailSale. NixNyx.

There's a whole mess of 'em out there. A lot of annoyed former customers of the popular cosmetics company, who are now pissed off and angry because of Nyx's failure to appease or fix the problem. Ok, there's many blog posts written now, lots of Tweets, many upset Facebookers. I'll tell you my ridiculous story of the time I spent trying to get in on this "deal". I'm not really complaining- my protest of this entire debacle comes in the form of me never again purchasing their cosmetics. Not even second hand.

Oh- but I did meet one girl online who says she was able to check out. I don't know her personally, but hey- if it's true and she was able to get in on the deal- great! Good for her! And I told her as much! Continuing on... This story is the majority of a comment I left on a blog yesterday. Because I'm exhausted, the rain is killing my back, and I just don't feel like typing all of it up again- I'm cutting, pasting, and taking some creative editing and wording into my story.

I knew I wasn't going to get to the site as soon as the sale started, so I figured what the heck. I'd wait for a while, and then try. That way- the mad mobbing of the site should die down and processing an order should be easier. How would you feel if I told you I was online at 9pm EST trying to get to the site. Constant refreshing. No pages.
Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
Timed out.
Shit.Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
Nada. Nil. Not a thing.
OOOHH wait! A page loaded! Able to navigate for less than a minute... But managed to add glitter liner to my cart. While that was processing, it timed out. No glitter liner in my cart after all. Refresh. Refresh.
Oooohh page is back, add glitter liner to cart. Success! It went through! Now to go back and get eyeliner... No page loads. Server too busy. Refresh.
Server times out.
Server isn't responding.
Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
Score! Eyeliner page loads. Add 2 to cart. Processing, time out. (mad face)
No eyeliner in cart. Go back to eyeliner page. Wait 30 minutes, hitting refresh, finally loads. Try to add back to cart- finally it gets in to it. Alright now, jumbo pencils. Page not loading.
Server isn't responding.
Refresh x10.
No pages load.
Refresh x10.
Page half loads.
I could go on and on… And I did… From 9pm, to 5:30 am, I sat here at not one, but two of my computers and tried to get items into my cart.
A PC and a Mac.
Epic, huh?
I noticed a trend- the Mac had better luck refreshing and loading the pages. Better luck getting things added to my cart. I decided the Mac would win out, and went and camped out from about midnight to 5am sitting at the table. Yes, folks, if you remember correctly- I can't sit in regular chairs very long. So every 10 minutes, I'd have to come and sit in my recliner- put my feet up for 5 min, and try my best to unkink the knot forming in my back. It didn't help that it's been raining here every day.
I continued this behavior. Defended Nyx. Defended the fact the servers were probably overloaded. Hoped they would extend the sale, or put it off until they fixed the site.
5:30 am people.
I’m stupid. I sat here, thinking I could actually get in on this deal. I gave up at just before 5:30. The sun was coming up. I had $33 and change worth of products in my cart. Not much at all, and I was willing to spend it.
I slept until 10:30. Didn’t get onto the computer until noon, EST. Spent from then until just before 4pm EST trying to check out. Page kept stalling at checkout. My cart was fine, pages were still sporadically loading, and the mouse button has a dent in it from my finger hitting it around roughly a million times during those hours. Woah- checkout finally loaded everything, but the credit card entry area. Tried to re-load, crossed my fingers…
And proceeded to let loose a string of profanities that would send sailors running from a bar. I was ripshit. The page would not load. I could not get to the part where I enter my card info, gleefully hand over my money, and process my order.
I go out, get some hair dye at CVS… Come back and get back into the site because Mom closed out the window. Another string of profanities. My roughly $33 cart now housed a grand total of somewhere around $140 in product. Then this little gem below shows up on their site- click to see the big version.

Um, you think this is an appropriate apology?! A great deal? Your thank you to US was supposed to be an Anniversary Sale- meaning most products were a dollar and twenty cents. $1.20. Now, because you failed to take the site down and reschedule the sale, 50% off and free shipping is going to make us happy?! That's an apology for the site not being fixed, and hardly anything working?! Out of thousands of fans who were going to purchase an insane amount of products from you at this "Thank You Sale", we find out not only is the sale not extended in lieu of all these problems. But the 50%/Free Shipping is essentially a big "F**K YOU" to us customers. It's almost as if you expected problems throughout the giant sale, and your apology for it is B***S**T at best.Nyx, do you think I’ll be back for ANY of your products?!
That’s a guaranteed NO.
I won’t so much as buy a second hand product from you at this point. I’m disgusted, let down, and feeling just completely slimed.

And I’m gonna hop onto my IT Geek Horse here and say this:
This was not a convenient “crash” because of the amount of traffic which was on the site which overloaded the servers blah blah blah. The traffic volume right now? It’s probably much the same as it was last night. It continues, yet somehow currently runs without any problems for those who really want the measly 50% off. IF they’ve even received the code- which I believe in comments was promised sometime around the sale end (12pm PST, 3pm EST). As of today, Tuesday May 17th, after 9pm EST I still don't have a "discount code". Neither do any of my friends who have emailed, as you requested.

Nyx- you should have shut the site down after a few hours of THOUSANDS of complaints and rescheduled a “Rain Date Sale”. I guarantee there would be a LOT less enraged rabid former-fans of your product.
This was poor planning.
This was poor execution.
This was lame excuses.
This was horrendous customer service.
This was absolute chaos.
I’ll be happily resuming my limited spending with Indie Business. At least I not only make great friends that way, but I have personalized touches added to my order. I know what's in all my products. And I love their prices!

Do tell... What's been your experience with Nyx?
Do you know anyone who was able to successfully check out?
Do you plan on purchasing makeup from this company in the future?

Still not convinced? Check out other experiences from around the blogosphere:
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May 16, 2011

Getting NYX-ed Isn't Good ... So Much For the Anniversary Sale

Well, most of you probably know by now. The NYX Cosmetics "Anniversary Sale" has been a major bomb. Yeah, I'm one of those rabid fans who have been waiting patiently trying to place things in my cart...

I finally threw in the towel this morning (I won't name times, because I shouldn't have stayed up that late!) and figured I could probably wait to get it done this afternoon. Well, that was a load of fail too. I can't checkout. I've seen very few comments from people who have been able to successfully navigate, add to their carts, and check out from the site at this awesome $1.20 sale.

I only have a few things. I just want to check out. Frustrated, I just posted this on their Facebook wall:

1. Prepare your servers for the influx of millions of rabid fans who want your makeup and are willing to wait 24+ hours to get said items.

2. Set up a limited amount of people who can shop on the website at a time, this will control the submittable of simultaneous orders on the website.

3. Set up a queuing system for the customers, refresh every minute so they can see where they are in the (long) line of customers. An actual "You are customer number 1045"... Then "You are customer number 875". Etc.

4. If the site remains broken, shut it down completely. Send out a message to us that you've closed the site until ALL issues have been resolved. OFFER A RAIN DATE OF THE SAME EXACT SALE, and extend the time if need be.

5. Answer emails, phone calls, and any social networking services you have CONSTANTLY. If you do not have enough staff, I'll be more than happy to be hired for my services if I can work from home.
I'm unemployed. Why? Because I have Failed Back Syndrome from eating a telephone pole head on in 2007, on icy roads. Ruled not my fault- I wasn't speeding, it was just a really bad night and an awful hill. I don't have much money to spend. When I do, it's selective. I also have degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my back aggravated and exacerbated due to my accident, so needless to say- it's difficult for me to stand more than ten minutes. Think it's frustrating??? Yes, very. I want to cry nearly every minute of each day.
It's exhausting.
Makeup is my escape, my breaking out of this shell of a body that doesn't work the way it should at 30 years old. I play with color, and that allows me to feel better- even if it's just for a little while.
Sitting here the past day trying to get products into my cart I didn't mind. My back is screaming at me, my medications aren't really helping, and I really would like to just check out please and thank you.

Kindest regards.
But get your crap in order! 

What started as an incredible promotional sale on their end has successfully exploded into a huge controversy of anger, hate, frustration, and absolute chaos. I feel bad for NYX and the staff, but then again I don't. I kind of know what needs to be done on an IT level to avoid this kind of break down from happening. I don't know how to "fix" servers, but I know they must be prepared. There really needs to be an online queuing system in place for future sales though- that's a must. I think it would also be a great and smart investment for you to make.

So yeah, if anyone from NYX is reading this and is looking for help, I'm available to work from home if you'd like. Contact me for my resume if interested. I've always worked in retail settings, or on the phone, because I love to interact with people and have a good way of settling most irate people down. I have a knack for it.

I know my back is kinked up and in knots, screaming agony at me, not any of my meds are helping much other than taking the edge off, and I just want my glittery goodies from my dang cart to be processed as is and to let me have them!!!
As to all my other readers- what have been your results so far??

I think I'm afraid to see most of those answers!!

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May 13, 2011

Awarded... Again! Versatile & Stylish Blogger Hit Me Again!


This is kind of overwhelming, and I hope I don't repeat myself with any of my fun-facts! You girls are awesome at giving away awards, and this a third time Versatile has visited, and second time Stylish has stopped by... I must thank the awesome Kattatonic Fierceology for these two newest awards. If you haven't, swing by and follow her blog- she's got some fantastic reads there! Yes, she's a bit young... But hey, she's color inspired and that's what the important thing is! You're never too "old", or "young" to get into the makeup biz. 

For the moment, I can't for the life of me remember who the fourth nomination came from... So if you remember tagging me, and I'm not mentioning you in this post... Comment below! I'll then think of 7 more things to write! Right now, I need to come up with 14. Incredible! Do you know how hard it is to write about oneself when trying to pick random thoughts and moments?! It's hard! Difficult even! Ask me anything about makeup, and I'll either have an answer, or if I don't- I can at least point you in the right direction.
Asking me to pick things about myself, random facts, and my mind draws a blank. It's kind of funny in a way.

1. I plan on buying a motorcycle- when my back heals. I will be a chick driving her own machine- yes!!!

2. I'm a Pisces and Aquarius, because I was born on the cusp of the signs. I have many more traits of the fishes than I do the Aquarian, but it's a good mix!

3. I have a terrible fear of "dark water", I don't like swimming where I can't see the bottom. Perhaps I drowned in a past life? I'm not sure. I know I start to have mini-panic attacks when I'm over an area in the river I can't see the bottom... Like a horrible monster will come up and swallow me in a gulp.

4. I hate seaweed in the ocean. Much like my fear mentioned previously, I hate the way it feels against my legs in water and a guaranteed way to watch me quickly run from said water.

5. I love the ocean, and eventually would love to live on the coastline of New England somewhere. Just not MA. Too expensive, too many taxes. Unless someone wants to buy me a house on the Vineyard!

6. I've seen phosphorescent algae in the ocean- it does exist! On the way home from Martha's Vineyard, standing on the bow of the ship, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. The longer I watched, the more colors erupted within the little waves! It was amazing!!

7. I have a weakness for candles. Especially tea lights. I collect them. Pillars, little itty bitty ones, decorative, embellished, scented, unscented. If it has a wick, I usually need to have it. Oil lamps are a close second must-have!

8. I hate having cold hands. When my hands are cold, other places get cold. Like my feet. But if my hands stay warm, I don't have a problem. I have quite a collection of long shirts and sweatshirts, but I've been making my own crocheted hand warmers, and that's been great!

9. I'm going to the Sakura Festival in 2012 down in DC. So if you see a chick made up with wild makeup, and not as a Geisha, it's probably me! And I'll be with my Pirate <3

10. I'm mad that Oprah isn't going to be on in the afternoons anymore. It's been one of my shows I actually love to watch! She's such an inspiration, and it's like a tradition is being ripped away from me. I'm quite upset. I know, I know, she's moving on to bigger and better things- and boy that woman has been on TV for so long! What am I gonna watch now?!?!

11. My Dad grows sunflowers which are taller than me, with heads bigger than my own! And we get a lot of seeds out of them each year!

12. I love Half & Half- Lemonade and Iced Tea! Put a fresh slice of lemon in, a sprig of mint, and it's perfection!

13. Beef Jerky is quite possibly some of the best food on the planet. Aside from Sushi of course!

14. Laconia Bike Week is coming up in a few short weeks... SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Lots of bikes will be in town, through town... All around! I don't know if I'll actually make it down there this year, and I certainly won't be riding down on a bike or the back of one... But if I could, I totally would!

How's that? Did I repeat anything?? I hope I didn't!
x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P