March 17, 2011

Sinful Colors - That Bottle of Polish Is HOW OLD?!?!

Some of you may remember me mentioning back when I did my pretty pink spring inspired manicure that the glitter polish I had used over the flowers was old... Like, laughable old. As in... 15 years, or darn close to it, old. Personally... I'm flabbergasted that I have a polish that's lasted that long. Yes, I'm a polish hoarder. Even if I don't particularly care for a color on my fingers- I usually like how it looks in the bottle. And I keep it.

I throw it out only when they dry up, or despite my best efforts... I can't get the damn bottle open.

This one... This one shocked me to say the very least. I bought it sometime back when I was in middle school. It might have even been high school, probably when I was a freshman. I'm not sure. All I know, is that this thing is super sparkly. And I couldn't bear to throw out the bottle of glitteries. I am my own worst enemy. Anything that glitters always stays in my possession unless:

a) It gets irreparably broken
b) All the sparkle comes off
c) Some unfortunate accident leaving it covered in yucky sticky goop- like soda, caramel, or honey
d) One of my sisters steals it
e) I lose it

Yah. Pretty bad huh? Lucky for me, this only pertains to things that sparkle, makeup, and of course... My collection of shoes. But I'm not talking about the other things.

Yes, this bottle of polish is old. And it's still usable! Who would have ever thought that possible?!?!

So go on and laugh at me and my wicked old bottle of nail polish. You know what the best part of this was?? I couldn't even find a picture of this old packaging online! HA HA HA! Rock on, I have made one survive. Sure, it was a bit thick and goopy when I first opened it... But a few drops of acetone helped her out... And now? A lovely glitter polish has been restored!
And I have to admit... I love the sleekness of the new packaging! It's so much cleaner and unique than many of the other bottles which are found out and about.

I hope everyone had a fabulous St. Patrick's Day today!!

Giggles and old bottles
of nail polish to you!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. i have a couple of the old "sinful" bottles too like that one. they have to be at least 13 years old ... omg i just went through them and i have 5 total, 4 in the old bottles, 1 in the "new'er" bottle (but i'm sure that one is OLD too lol

    i'll post a pic on ur FB page lol

  2. My mom and I were polish hoarders. Then one of them broke open in our polish drawer and my dad made us part with them. Some of ours were pretty old at the time.

    I like the new Sinful bottles. MUCH sleeker and prettier looking!

  3. I once had to use a monkey wrench to get a bottle of nail polish open! I don't think it was old, it just got glued shut!

  4. @Becky: That's so awesome! Ha ha ha! I'm not the ONLY polish hoarder :D

    @Reggie: I'd have hid them in another drawer ;) HA HA HA!

    @Michelle: That happens to me too... Though, I use strong Dad hands... Even if they're stuck shut, I don't want to wreck the caps- I'm weird!

  5. They were all sticky and gross though. :( I think we were able to salvage a couple, but not many!