March 7, 2011

LOTD/EOTD - BH Cosmetics Peacock Eyes

Ok, well... I've decided to go ahead and show you my most recent EOTD/LOTD instead of the two older ones I did, considering the fact that I can tell you (sort of) what colors I've used for this one.

Peacock Eyes.
Everyone seems to love them. Blues, Greens and Purples tend to be a popular look for many, as the colors  together really do tend to compliment every complexion. It doesn't matter if you're super-pale (like me, thanks to my ancestors) have medium, or even dark skin. It's flattering for everyone.

Just before Valentine's Day, I won the BH Cosmetics 1st Edition 120 Color Palette, and I've been dumbfounded as to how to use the colors. Not because I don't want to combine them and create... But because they're so vibrant, the combination's are literally endless, and... Well, this is stupid. And funny. But you know when you get new makeup and it has that really nice textured top from being pressed? Yeah. I feel like I'm desecrating a color when I swipe my brush across the pan, forever removing that pattern the color was delivered to me in. (LOL, you're supposed to!)

I just need to suck it up and get over it.
Do any of you have the same quirk?? Please tell me so... I don't want to be the only one!

So here's a look at the set itself- both layers can be removed from the sturdy plastic case if you wanted to keep it tucked in a drawer somewhere safe. But if you're like me, I just keep it on my dresser... And they stay nice and protected that way. Dang kitties like to climb. The top tray I've put onto the lid of the case so I can actually show you what colors I've used.

1. The sky blue went into the inside corner of my eyes, and I swiped a bit on my bottom lid. Because this is such a light blue, it's also acting to a degree as a highlighter as well.

2. Next up was a medium blue which is quite striking in person. Don't be fooled- much of the dimension in the pictures of the colors just aren't as complex as they compared to actually looking at them. This color was blended into the edge of the light blue, applied to the middle portion of the lid only.

3. Bright purple! Yes, it is bright. No, my pictures don't show it. Yes, I love it. This went on the outer third of my lid, and I blended lightly with the blue in step 2.

4. This was a shimmery blue-purple, which I applied right over the area where the colors from steps 2 and 3. met, and blended the three together. It created a nice gradient of color, and a hint of sparkle without being obvious.

5. I used this color to highlight under my brow, and pulled the color downwards a little towards my crease. It's not a stark white, so it was perfect for this look as a highlighter. I also applied a little to the inside corner of my eyes.

6. This gray I applied to my crease only, and used a blending brush to blend the color upwards and outwards. I also blended it lightly where it met the colors on my lid, so everything transitioned nicely. Once blended, I added a little more of this color to my crease in the outer third of my eyes just to give a little more depth and definition.

7. This green was applied on my bottom lid, under my lashes, to the outer 2/3 of my eyes

8. This pretty shimmery green was applied to the inside 1/3 of my lower lid, and also patted over the black liner I put on my waterline.

9. I tightlined my upper lid (applied black kohl liner to underneath my upper lashes), then took an angled eyeliner brush and lined my upper eye lid with Wet 'N Wild's MegaEyes Gel Eyeliner in Black. From the BH Palette, I took the blackest black and put it over the liner to set.

I curled my lashes, applied mascara... And that's the look!
My cheeks have a Physician's Formula Illuminating Blush applied- I've had it forever, and decided to use it. Otherwise... My face has my normal PF Organics: Mineral Foundation on.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Snarky P is using makeup that isn't mineral. Yep. I sure am. I never said I didn't "like" regular makeup- I just prefer the more natural mineral stuff. However, if you had this palette sitting right in front of you, blinding you with all that neon goodness... Can you tell me honestly you'd resist?!

That's what I thought!

Hope you like this mini-illustrated tutorial, and the pictures!

Are you going to try something similar now??

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. You know what, I succumbed to the temptation of the mega palettes - soooo many colorsssss! But I think I got a bad one - well, they're all imported from China, I'm guessing mine just sat around longer than usual - because I could NOT get any of the colors to show up >.< I may try again though. I'm always so jealous of everyone's success with these!

    And yep, I am the same way with desecrating the brand new shadows!! Imagine if you had the Chantecaille Sea Turtle palette - it'd feel evern worse :O

  2. Those shadows look so pretty! I'm totally lemming for some pressed shadows now, even though I love my minerals too!

    I think I need some new pressed shadows to "desecrate" before I know whether or not I feel bad about doing it!

    @eRIN: I TOTALLY agree about the Chantecaille Sea Turtle palette - WAY too pretty to use. I'd keep it as a decoration!

  3. Don't know why my post dropped. But a quick question, what black kohl eye liner do you use. I love the way your eyes look. Thanks!!

  4. Aw this makes me miss my palette from coastal scents. =[ This looks great on you though. =] Very pretty.

  5. Love how the the looks works as a whole.
    Love your eye shape, so cat-like

  6. @Erin: Fughettaboutit! If there's makeup that's pressed with a pretty design, I can't touch it! It gets ruined too easily!!!!

    @Reggie: Please do... So I'm not alone ;)

    @Cheryl: I use Wet 'N Wild's ColorIcon kohl eyeliner- it's AWESOME! I used to really not like their makeup, but it seems like they really overhauled their line and have some fabulous finds! I also have their gel eyeliner- and I can't say enough good about it!

    @Manda: Thank you :)

    @Gone2Rehab: Love the username! Hahaha :)
    And thank you- This combination of colors I especially love!