March 19, 2011

Spring Fever Contest Giveaway!!! Franken-Shades & Simply Natural Pigments

It finally hit me tonight... What to do in light of all my new fans on facebook, my new blog followers, and friends who I've made recently... I want to celebrate you!!!


Spring is finally eeking its way into this month... Slowly, but surely I'm watching the snow outside melt. I can't wait to see flowers- crocus, daffodils, and other early flowers pushing up through the dirt. It's amazing how quickly they pop up too! You see little green beginnings of a plant pushing their way up from the ground.... To BAM! There's a nice stalk, and a flower about to bloom! It's hard to believe they've managed to stay alive in frozen ground, huh?! Well... They do! Hardy little buggers!!

I've been inspired lately because of a blog contest Grey from LeGothique is hosting, her theme being Cherry Blossoms. I wanted to make sure my pictures were posted there at least 24 hours before I shared them with you. This design I created was totally off the cuff, winged, and done in about an hour. I love Cherry Blossoms, so I knew I had to enter this particular contest. This look of mine was created and submitted as an entry for her contest.

Now, it's our turn to celebrate Spring. I'm personally going to Franken-Shade six colors, packed with roughly a teaspoon of product into 5g jars. They're vegan, and will contain pigments from unopened minerals I have in my big elaborate stash of cosmetics. (Ingredients are: Mica, Titanium Dioxide) There will be three winners of this contest.

The Grand Prize:
The winner will receive 3 Franken-Shades in custom colors they choose.
Also included will be 5  5g jars of Simply Naturals Pigments generously donated by Shannon V.
The colors are: Ice (white highlighter), Tea Rose (dusty red), Vegas (gold with brown undertones), Goldrush (gold-ish), and Sandstorm (brown with gold undertones)

Second Prize:
The winner will receive 2 Franken-Shades in custom colors they choose.
Third Prize:
The winner will receive 1 Franken-Shade in a custom color of their choosing.

I may also include a few other goodies in said loot, because after all... I am a pirate and I do collect treasure!

The Rules:

1) You must come up with one Spring Flower inspired makeup look. It can be simple, or elaborate- the choice is yours! All products used in creating the look must be listed. Feel free to use the company I will not name, as that choice is 100% yours and I harbor no ill will for people who continue to use the products :)

2) You must submit at least two pictures of the look. A maximum of four will be accepted. One submission per person is allowed- so if you create three different flower looks, you are allowed to only have one voted on.

3) Pictures can be posted to my Facebook Page , emailed to me, or links to pictures can be posted as comments below. I will then compile them together (please make sure I have at the very least your first name!), create an album of all the pictures on Facebook, and allow people to vote by "liking" the pictures. The top three people with the most "likes" will be the winners!

4) This contest starts today. Photo submissions will be accepted March 19th through April 9th 2011., ending at 12 midnight PST. This is the time frame when you submit your pictures to me. I'm giving you ample time to create and submit looks, because I really would like you to get creative! I want you to be inspired, and give those of you with hectic schedules a chance to participate!

5) Voting will take place from April 10th - April 17th 2011, ending at 12 midnight PST. You may comment on photos, but in order for votes to count, they must be "liked".

6) The winners will be announced April 19th!

Jump into Spring! Use colors you want- pastels, bright, bold, neutrals... It's totally up to you! Go as simple and sweet as you feel.... Or elaborate and artistic as you like! This one's left up to you!
I look forward to seeing what kind of creative looks you're going to come up with! I do ask that you kindly come up with a unique look of your own.... Don't copy looks from other artists. Sure- use them for inspiration, but not plagiarism!

Spring Fever and melting snow here has me anxious to get outside barefoot- but that certainly won't happen for another few months... The ground needs to thaw!!

If you have any questions or need clarification with anything, please don't hesitate to ask!!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. wow. I absolutely adore cherry blossoms, and this look is gorgeous! Great job! :D I especially love the shadow & liner.

  2. Thank you so much MrsKittyKaBoom!

  3. So pretty, how did you paint the side flowers?

  4. @L: I used a few different brushes- a curved lip brush to make the petals, a really skinny and fine brush to outline, and fine detail the flowers... And very steady hands!

  5. I would love to see a tutorial on how to do eyeliner like that! What a great look!

  6. did you just use your mineral eye shadows?

  7. @Michelle: I'd be happy to do a tutorial focusing on eyeliner! And thank you as well!!!

    @L: I used a combination of mineral shadows and my BH Cosmetics 1st Edition 120 Palette. The soft shimmery pink on the flowers is Valentine from Moi Minerals, and the yellow which is slightly seen on my lower waterline is Hera from The Starshine Company. The pink/purple above my crease is Cutiepie from My Beauty Addiction and Halo (also MBA) is the highlighter on my browbone. The rest of the vibrant pinks, and the brown shadows on my face are from my BH Palette.