March 6, 2011

The Last I'll Say On The Matter of Orglamix

Good Sunday to everyone... I hope your weekend has been a bit better than mine.

This is the last post I will write in regards to Orglamix.
No further words need be spoken, as I believe enough has been said already. This is both through my words here, from other bloggers, and most importantly the loudest voice of all- the selective and absolute silence from Cheri herself. It deeply saddens me, as I had hoped things wouldn't have turned out this way at all. As some could say, "ignorance is bliss". Indeed.

According to some others in the blogosphere universe around here, those who write what is perceived to be "negative reviews" or "critical critiques" of Orglamix's products are served with Cease and Desist orders. I don't know if this will be the road taken in this instance, but I'm sure time will tell. Perhaps it will make people think twice about supporting some businesses, and making sure you're well read and informed before you  make a purchase. Also, at this time I still have not received any contact or response from Cheri.

Let me be clear and state it again- Orglamix products are safe- that much is known. I haven't indicated or said otherwise that I think this product is unsafe, or would cause harm to anyone who has or will use them. I truly don't believe  in my heart Cheri would knowingly distribute anything which would be dangerous to any one of us. The cosmetics line in question, Candy Glam, has already been addressed, apologized for, and resolved. Finished.

It's unfortunate as well to have noticed (and it's not just me observing this) over the past few days, time has been spent deleting comments and legitimate questions from concerned customers on her FB page who just want an answer to their inquiry/inquiries. Only an Administrator on the page has the ability to remove  those comments, unless the user decides to go back and remove their post. People are noticing  and following this. Taking screen shots. They're ending up on Flikr, and shared with friends... Who share with friends... And so goes the circle, getting bigger and bigger. The more you ignore, the more oxygen gets fed to the flames, the hotter the fire is going to get. It's strange that replies are being given to those who are still praising the cosmetics (which I still think are fabulous and personally will continue to use) and who will still support this business. That's entirely your own choice should you want to purchase from Orglamix.

It's not  what I'm upset about. It's not what many others are upset about. Personally, for me, money is not the issue. Whether I spent ten bucks or a thousand on her products, I would still be asking the questions I am. I would still have the same opinion I do now- read above, in purple text. I would still have done the research and posted the public information I have found. The issue at hand is the lack of disclosure and transparency, contradicting statements, as well as half answers given to dodge the real issue(s) at hand. Legitimate questions have been raised in a non-confrontational, curious, yet firm way by customers. Multiple times. Each time, the  ones perceived as negative are being deleted. None of the users are deleting their posts. What's going on? Those who dare ask, or inquire a second time, have been banned from the page.  Is that fair? Is that good business practice? A status update indicated Cheri was away in LA, returning Monday, and that's why there haven't been posts. Yet... There has been activity away from the page. Items re-stocked on Etsy. What's going on with the missing posts, questions, people, and pictures? 
What's that old saying.... You'll gather more bees using honey instead of vinegar. Yeah, that kind of thing.

A problem isn't going to just "go away" because it's being deleted or ignored. It's guaranteed at that point those same people are going to get upset or mad, and they're going to rant as they're allowed to. People are going to see it. And it's the guaranteed way to raise red flags with other folks who then go "What the hell is going on?!". They do research. They'll find the bad, right along with the good. Is that a risk that's worth gambling on, especially when it comes to your business? Your livelihood?

I'm interested to see what Cheri shares about Orglamix. I honestly, truly am. No BS, no lies, I'm not being snarky (as my name lends most to believe), I'm genuinely interested. I want to see the lab where she creates her products, with her ingredients and supplies at hand. I'll even say I'm eager for her to prove me, and the others who now share my doubts, wrong. I want to see stickerfests and labeling the jars. I want to see smiling employees, and I sure as heck hope someone takes her up on her offer to swing by the lab tomorrow. I'd like to see pictures from someone other than Cheri (or one of her employees, or close family/friends) to corroborate. Pictures from "just another customer" like I was. Like some still are, and will continue to be. Show me the business in action!

Last but not least, I'd like to implore you to not give up on purchasing makeup from other small businesses. There are many other hard working owners crafting, creating, testing, literally living and breathing life into their ventures who end up suffering the backlash when something like this happens. Yes, it does make us think twice, or even more, before making a purchase from a small indie business.

My suggestion is simply: Do your research.
Look at the companies who share with absolute transparency what they're doing. Are their photographs stock images? Or are they professionally taken and well presented? Do they use pictures of their customers to advertise too? Do the photos represent the product you're purchasing in true form? How many people do they show, either on their blogs/shops/social networking sites or elsewhere, wearing their cosmetics?

How many customers are posting pictures of themselves wearing the product? And what's the diversity of people posting? Is it the same 5 or 10 people? Sure, maybe at first! But if the business is successful, that number should start to mushroom pretty quickly. Word of mouth referral holds a lot of power- if we find a product we like, we recommend it. It's no secret we rave about products we love... As I've certainly done so!

Do we see their stock room or workspace/lab? Is it clean? Are things well organized and displayed nicely? This will influence your decision, won't it? If an area is well kept and organized- then the way the material is packaged and presented has a high possibility it's also going to arrive at your doorstep in the same nice way. It's reassuring. And it's a near guarantee there will be repeat business and new customers to boot.

What you see, or more importantly don't see, in a company will ultimately steer you as to whether or not you'll purchase their products. Trust your guts. If you have an off feeling- don't be afraid to ask questions. If they're not answered to your satisfaction, it's totally up to you at that point where you go from there. Whether or not you purchase, or move on and try to find another company to suit what you're looking for.

I think at this point, things just need to pan out and come to fruition.
Most importantly- thank you my readers. You have offered support in such an immense way since this "scandal" has spread like wildfire. I'm overwhelmed and so thankful for what you have been able to do by way of attempting to keep those people who misquote or only take snippets of what I've said and shown and use it in a way that I did not intend. I'm not perpetuating lies, I'm not writing crap, and I'm not doing this out of malice. I took cold, hard, public internet web pages and copied them. I shared them. You've read what I've presented. You'll make up your own mind. Eventually, the entire story will be revealed.

Thank you my online friends. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the enormous amount of support I've had from all of you so far, and in such a short amount of time. I'm sure the others, my good friends I've met through our mutual addiction love of playing with cosmetics, who are in the same boat as me right now, also appreciate the outpouring of support as well.

~*Snarky P


  1. Fabulous post Amanda. You are right, her silence in this matter only adds fuel to the fire.

    The saying "actions speak louder than words"... deleting damning posts while thanking people for their praises are pretty loud actions IMO.

    I've learned my lesson, and I'm glad to see in the light of all this other indie companies proving they are legit with their old kitchen or corner desk space labs. I want to support these businesses, and in the future I will as long as they remain honest with their business practices.

  2. That was such a great post. Anyone could have done the same research as you and turned up the same rocks. You're not at fault. You just saw a string and pulled until everything unraveled.

    I agree with "actions speak louder than words." That's what is going on right now and it makes me sad for those who spent some much money.

    Don't let this bring you down. :) We'll all find fabulous new companies to support.

    Hopefully something will be said on Monday. It's all we're asking.

  3. Thank you ladies... You really are an awesome community of support you know :)

    And I'm glad to call you friends, even if we only know each other online!

  4. Great post, Amanda. <3

    It makes me sad to see so much meanness going on in the Orglamix community right now, a place that was once so awesome and supportive. I hope tomorrow we WILL see something from Cheri that will get some of our questions answered. If not, like RM said above, there are many fabulous other companies to support.

  5. So far today, I see little being answered.

    I do see, however, that all of my comments are gone and I have been banned as well.

    What little faith I had in her is long gone.

  6. Yeah I noticed the same. I was reading comments, refreshed and several were gone. Her latest post on there is a crock considering most of the questions and images posted WERE appropriate.

  7. Yes indeed! I commented that in her post.... And asked her to answer the question posted under the post of Veronica, but all the questions are gone!

  8. Selective deleting again I see... what happened to her statement today about "appropriate" questions? Yes, a lot of people said heated things, but the MAJORITY of questions posted since this thing got started were "appropriate" - valid concerns presented in a straightforward and polite manner. I guess questioning what her exact ingredients are is not appropriate?

  9. Lashell is annoying me. She keeps saying to bring it to Etsy, however when someone posted there it was closed by admin because you aren't allowed to bring up problems like this on the forum, and so far they aren't doing anything about her shop being reported.

    So what else are people to do, but take it to the owner?

  10. Well my comment about Balsa and Rice Sake are gone too, I guess on the basis that I had posted a link to my business FB page under the pretext of advertising. It's a good thing she cannot delete comments on my FB page lol

  11. Going through Etsy is pretty pointless; look at how many people kept posting on the FB saying they were doing so *because* they weren't getting a response on Etsy!

  12. I sent muddminerals on eBay a message to see if maybe they would tell me where they purchase from:

    "Dear muddminerals,

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what company you get your mica from? I was told you use the same company that Orglamix uses on Etsy. I'm trying to find a current list of ingredients in the products she uses. She says she mixes them all herself but there are double labels on the eyeshadows/foundation.

    Thanks much!

    - toxidlotus"

  13. @Michelle: For real... How quickly people turn on each other. Read, get the facts... Then decide how you're going to act! At least make your decision after you've been informed. I'm sorry, though, that you and so many others have been banned for asking simple, legitimate questions.
    You're welcome here you know! And on my page!

    @Shattered, Manja, Manda: I know.
    I wanna say valley girl voice "Like, this is so totally yesterday.*sigh*" Yeah, yesterday's news. The problem... Is that it's NOT going away.

    @Manda: Technically, legal action can be taken on person(s) who bring this sort of calling out to Etsy. I never would support anybody pulling an action like that... So I'm glad the admin caught it and shut it down the way she did. I say Karma: What goes around, comes around.

    @Ariel: *sighs* I saw that too. I'm so sorry.

  14. Oh I understand that, but I guess she doesn't since she keeps telling everyone to take it to Etsy. There isn't much anyone can do with Etsy, so they don't really have a choice but to bring it up on her facebook page.

  15. Were the videos up of her workspace when this was posted? I also heard of a "letter" Cheri wrote to address this on her FB.... I couldn't find it. Any links to that?

  16. @CreativeChild: No, her videos were only posted yesterday March 10th.
    There was a blog she wrote promising "answers", but while highly anticipated even by me... It certainly left a sour taste in my mouth and doesn't really address any of the valid concerns.. It can be found here:

  17. Thankie kindly. This "scandal" has indeed gone to wildfire proportions and really...I don't know exactly where I stand. I will continue to use up what I have because they are pretty beautiful colors, but I can't promise that I will ever purchase from Orglamix again.

    Cannot wait for your list of other cosmetic companies that you mentioned to my comment on your other post. I think I'll stick around here, the weather seems nice, and so do you. :)

  18. @Awkwardgirl: I'm doing the same... Using my collection, but not purchasing any more. It irritates me... I still had other colors I wanted!


    Things like this happen... And I'm already plotting on who to try from the incredible list we're getting together!!

    And thank you for stickin' around :)
    I'll be having some giveaways soon, so I can't wait!!

  19. @Snarky P: I saw her "response" that was buried in the hautebeautyblog, but I am not finding the lab/workshop tour video. Do you know where it is posted?

  20. @MissJupiter: No problem... Here's the links:



    Mixing Shadows:

  21. I'm really not one for drama..
    but I was so disappointed in this because I have 3 shadows that I absolutely love. Although I could really care less about repackaging since I love my shadows, but it's super-bad business and so forth. I promptly deleted things related to Orglamix.

    But today I did a quick little spring look using the Vert and Freesia shadows and I decided to tear off the labels and I found something interesting. (Vert only had 1 transparent label)

    A picture of the Freesia(moonstone) and Mandarin (ylang ylang) labels. They have an understicker with Orglamix on it but they have different names. I'm assuming that it's the original names from the company she bought it from and slapped on her own sticker and new product name?

    The picture is a little off because I had to use a mirror to actually read it lol