May 1, 2011

Bokeh Face - "Apocalypse Rising" Collection

I totally missed this. I don't know how, but I'm writing this post in an effort to potentially win this amazing contest. I don't know how, I don't know why, I don't have a clue as to how I overlooked this and failed to share with you- my readers and friends. But now, I'll share inspiration.

As the concept is stated, Bokeh Face said this:

Introducing: An exciting new contest for Bokeh Face Fans in two easy steps!

YOU get to name the next Bokeh Face eyeshadow collection! 

Step 1:  Tell me about your new collection in the comments.  Name up to 10 eyeshadows.  What is the inspiration behind it?  What do you envision when you imagine it?  Why did you pick what you did?  Get creative, and feel free to go into more depth on your personal site.  Just remember to include a link! 

Step 2:  Blog, tweet, or facebook about this contest.  Leave a link in your comment, as well.  

The winning entry will have a collection of eyeshadow designed and named around their idea. 

Here's the best part:  the winner will receive the entire collection as a prize.  

That's 10 original, fabulous Bokeh Face eyeshadows designed for YOU.  Just for sharing your vision.

The entries will be judged on their originality, humor, eccentricity... basically whichever I think is the best.  The collection will be available for sale in the Bokeh Face store (both as individual pieces and as a collection).

Entires will be closed on May 1, 2011.  Happy Naming!

ETA more details:  The collection will be loose powder eyeshadows, and there is no minimum number.  Although, I've always been a believer of "more is better" when it comes to eyeshadow colors ;-)  Also, you DO NOT have to choose the colors, although you certainly can if you want. 

My ideas, well... I'm always coming up with ideas, aren't I?! I just don't often share them around here I suppose. Perhaps I should more often! I'm always on the hunt for beautiful, unique shadows- and from the reviews and swatches of Bokeh Face products I've seen, they're on my must try cosmetics list. Like- absolutely have to try as soon as I can.

I was trying to be quirky, and Snarky (who, me?!), but I thought the best idea I could come up with on such short notice would be Apocalypse. What would happen if some of our "fictitious characters" took over the world?! Fictitious I say with a smirk and a smile, seeing as all stories come from some sort of real life events. They tend to be immortalized into tales we revere in society because there's a lesson to be taught in each of them. Well... I guess that leaves a perfectly good opportunity to open up for debate which one you think would survive the Apocalypse!

Who would beat out the others? Do any stand a chance, are they equal, or will one group just entirely wipe out all the others? Maybe a few left standing?
Humans, do we even stand a chance? Does our weaponry stand a chance against the others? Are we clever enough to stave and hold them off?? Can our civilization do it!?
Zombies, with their fresh-brain cravings, rotting skin, and funny stiff gait? I mean- it's all about the rot factor, right? Hanging flesh, open sores, stinking body... Yeah, sexy.

Ninjas, with their ever secretive and super sneaky attack style? Not to mention their ultra-chic wardrobe selection- black, black and... Well, black.

Pirates, who pillage and plunder and love that tasty rum? Gold, treasure and adventure for certain! And ships! Who can forget the ships! And a pirate tricorn- with a big, beautiful feather.

Vampires, who seduce and mystify their prey... Before giving the kiss of death, and eternal life? Oh sweet blood indeed, Lestat would be envious.

Lycans, otherwise known as werewolves, with their strength and lunar-inducing change between human form and animal? What power lurks behind those devastatingly handsome men? And why are they always men? What about girls?! Hellooo!

Faeries, the wee-folk who are both benevolent and malevolent and cause chaos, luring a poor passerby into their rings and forever keeping you there? They're troublemakers, they are... Keep a firm hand on your jewelry folks- they love the sparklies!

Spirits, the ones who remain stuck in a world between life and death, forever roaming the earth? That's a scary thought... Poltergeists are the worst!

Wizards, with their long flowing robes, pointy hoods and magical tricks, perhaps even a phoenix as a pet. Huh. I'm jealous.
Bugs, that's right... The creepy crawlies. They've survived from the time of the dinosaurs- what makes you think they wouldn't survive this coming Apocalypse!?

Colors- how would they interpret to me? Well thanks for asking- I'll tell you below!!

Humans: A peachy flesh toned shadow, with a hint of shimmer. Subtle and pretty.

Zombies: A deep muddy green, reminiscent of decay. Brown undertones, subtle dark green shimmer/sparkle.

Ninjas: Jet black with silver twinkles. Is there any other kind!?

Pirates: A  gold doubloon! 24k gold to grace the eyes, ahhh to wear treasure!
Vampires: A deep, rich, sinful blood red, teeming with red and black twinkles and shimmer.

Lycans: A very dark, dimensional brown with hints of gold.

Faeries: Rainbow iridescence, shimmer and twinkles, in a pale pink base.

Spirits: A light, airy luminous true silver, to make a sparkling highlight color.

Wizards: A shimmering silver-blue, with a light purple undertone, and plenty of "Magick Dust".

Bugs: Matte brown, almost black color. Perhaps with a kiss of green shimmer. Yes. It needs the green too!

Ok so there's my ideal colors- because who knows... Perhaps more than one group will survive! I'm ready though... I've got guns, canned food, and plenty of hiding spots in the mountains I can go if all of a sudden the Apocalypse comes a-knockin on my front door!!

What do you think about my color selections? Do you like them? Would you be interested in seeing colors created like that, or do you already have some which are like them?

Thoughts please!!

*crosses fingers to win*

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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