February 27, 2011

LOTD/EOTD - BH Cosmetics and Road Trip!

Yes, I'm pretty behind this week. I just haven't had the motivation to do much other than stay quiet, since my back's been pretty bothersome and the medications make me lethargic and totally unmotivated. The one day I did put on makeup, I totally forgot to take a picture of it.... Which I'm kicking myself for because it was so darn pretty!

^^ Always practice seatbelt safety! I do!^^
Anyways, as you very well may know, I had gone away overnight last weekend to CT. I was able to see my little Goddaughter and her parents, who will in a few short weeks be welcoming another little addition to their family! Well, the day we came home... I felt like pinks and purples. They really set off my eyes, make the blue more intense, and I figured since I'd be stuck in the backseat of my truck the whole ride I might as well look good in case we stopped anywhere. Which we did. Food, Aunt's house, and somewhere else I can't exactly recall at the moment. Yes, the medications cause temporary memory lapses. Just call me Dory.

I'm literally in love with the amount of colors and pigments in the BH Cosmetics 1st Edition Palette I won almost two weeks ago. I have a heartbreaking time trying to decide just what colors to use... Blue, green and yellow? Pinks and oranges? Blacks and purples? Spectrum? Gahhhh!!! Color overload, I'm telling you! I need to get the Motivation Monster back into my body and come up with some looks here... Because this makeup just sitting on my dresser gathering dust just isn't cutting it. Especially considering some of the awesome products I've won recently...

So this was my "Stuck in the truck, the back seat all to myself and sleeping almost the entire ride home" look. The few stops we did make, I can at least say I looked good!

I used all colors from the BHC Palette, including a light pink, a hot pink, a bright purple, lavender and a white and champagne highlight color. I love the way my eyes were sky-blue most of the day... But that also could have been due to the fact that I slept most of the day away- and then when home went straight to bed! Ha ha ha!

The usual things are on my face:
Stila Petal Infusions Moisturizing Cream
e.l.f. Conceal and Highlight Wand
PF: Organics Mineral Foundation in Translucent Fair
Orglamix blush in Ginger
Wet 'N Wild MegaEyes Gel Liner
Wet 'N Wild ColorIcon Black Kohl Eyeliner
Wet 'N Wild MegaPlump Mascara
Swipe of lip gloss with a touch of Ulta Lipstick (forget the name...)

And that's the look... Road-travel friendly!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

February 25, 2011

Konadicure - Funky Patterns Galore Black Glitter and Silver Shimmers

I nearly forgot to share these nails with you! How could I?! So far, they've been my favorite other than the Anti-V-Day ones.

I wanted to go punk-rocker style, so I put on a couple coats of Sinful Colors "What's Your Name" which is a gorgeous black polish with peacock colored glitter flecks. A quick swipe of Seche Vite to dry and get ready to stamp... Which I did using Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in 220 Celeb City.

Each of my nails had a different stamp design... For my thumbs, I used Konad plate M60 with the argyle pattern, and the graduated dots pattern. For the rest of my fingers, I used assorted stamps from Bundle Monster plates: BM 16, BM19, BM20. For the tips of my fingers, I used a magenta glitter polish I had picked up from Hot Topic years ago, and swiped it across each nail for a little extra sparkle. Once more, a coat of SV, and I was ready to go! These suckers were sparkly, shimmery, and bold!

I like black nail polish, but it's so overrated with people wearing it just plain... I love that I can jazz it up now... Especially considering I have a polish which is not only black, but has glitter in it too!

Would you create and wear something like this??

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

February 23, 2011

Weekend EOTD - BH Cosmetics 120 1st Edition Palette YGBV

I haven't done an EOTD in a while, even though I had promised to do it at least three times a week. Oops!

I had been traveling this weekend, since I had a very special Birthday Party to attend for my 3 year old Goddaughter. While the ride was long, I at least made sure I had some fabulous makeup on. Indeed, I slept for the ride, but it was needed... The party was a blast, and then we had gone out for dinner with some close friends to celebrate my impending birthday. (which has now passed!)

I only changed my outfit, because I loved the colors on my eyes too much to re-do them. So on went a pretty black peasant shirt with a pair of khakis and my sexy sneakers. Ok, the sneaks aren't sexy... They're comfortable. I still can't wear heels, unless I want to fall down of course. And no... No more of that.

Basically for this look, I chose 6 different colors from the palette:

A medium-yellow which was applied to the inner 1/3 of my lid, and just above the crease.
A bright green which was applied to the middle part of my lid.
A medium-blue applied to the outer 1/3 of my lid.
A bright purple applied to the outer "V" of my eye, and blended into half of my crease.
A light sky-blue applied to just above the purple, and blended lightly to the inner corner of my eye.
And a cream highlight color applied to my brow bone.
I also forgot to mention on my lower lid, I took a medium pink and swiped it on the middle of my lower lid, and swiped the same purple I used on the outer "V" of my eye to the outside 1/3. Blending them together created a really pretty color under there!

For my face, I used my usual Physicians Formula: Organics Mineral War Foundation in Translucent fair. On my cheeks, I had a random blush peachy blush I had used, I think it was also from Physicians Formula- one of their illuminating blushers. It was just sparkly enough to highlight my cheeks without making me look oily.
Once my eyes were done, I put on a swipe of my Wet 'n Wild MegaPlump mascara. A swipe of shimmery lip gloss was the finishing touch- and this was my look for the evening!

There are 120 colors in this particular palette...I think I can come up with a few more looks... Right?!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

February 21, 2011

Oh-My-Glamix! Talk about a HAUL!! And Happy Birthday To ME!

Updated 03/05/2011 & 03/06/2011

This is strictly my own personal opinion about the matter. All material uncovered was done through a public google internet search with a few different keyword entries.

Due to information uncovered and revealed about this company, I cannot in good conscience or good faith recommend anyone support this reportedly handmade, organic small business. If information had been disclosed prior to discovery by the shop owner herself, I would have no problem with continuing to purchase. Regretfully, the scope of the lie and how many different people it could have potentially affected and hurt leaves me no other choice than to say this is not an honest company to do business with.

For information as to why, you can read more below:


Or click here for more links and topics. The information can be found just below the introduction paragraph on the page.


That's right ladies and gents... It's my Official Birthday today. As 10:24 pm EST I officially joined the "Dirty 30 Club". And you know what?! I love it! A new decade... New adventures.... New places, friends... I plan to make it my best yet!

Well, instead of re-hashing some of the setbacks I've had since last Thursday in regards to my back... I'm going to jump right into the good stuff!! I had gone out of town for the weekend, since it was my Goddaughter's birthday party, and I had a blast with her! She just turned 3, and she's SO freaking cute! We also stopped to see my favorite Aunt, and made a stop at my middle sister's place before coming home. She surprised me with a delicious chocolate cake and a new Pandora bead for my bracelet! Needless to say, the rest of the ride I konked out and slept... Again. We had everything unpacked and I had settled into my recliner to stretch out a bit before bed... And had just opened the computer to get on and check all my sites.... And Dad comes out and stands behind my chair.

I knew he was there, but he didn't come forward. And I couldn't twist around to see what he was doing. So he looked at Mom, and she grinned at him.... And he plopped THIS into my lap:

Seriously!? I thought it was from my brother or some other friend from somewhere until I saw the first name... Cheri. I totally squealed! Literally "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS! MAKEUP!" I put the computer aside, grabbed my camera and this is what we're diving in to! It was my box of goodies from winning Orglamix's 30 Days, 30 Ways Contest!

I, and many other Orglamix Addicts, absolutely love the scented petals that are included in each order. Be it one shadow, or her whole collection... These little petals are what makes me smile right off the bat. It's her own signature fragrance- and I'm telling you right now- if Cheri ever makes it available, I'm grabbing about 10 bottles because I love it that much. So my spirits immediately lifted when I unwrapped and un-taped my present! Now, I love when packages are personalized... So this really tickled me- especially considering my online persona:

I removed the brown paper packaging which kept everything from shifting around too much in transit, and this is what assaulted my eyes:

My vision blurred, and I brought up my hands to rub them for a second, thinking I needed to clear my vision. I thought I was seeing a lot more product than I actually had- you know, because the long car ride had me tired and I thought I was seeing things! Double vision, if you will! Blink, blink.

This was it! Holy Cannoli, I'm not imagining or having hallucinations.... There's so much stuff in there! It was like The Leaning Tower of Orglamix in there! And to top it off, there was a brush set included too! I mean.... W.O.W.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Digging deeper, I literally lifted bag... After bag... After bag... After bag... Of mineral goodness, glitteries, and awesomeness. Mom was beside me, also lifting them up and out... Both of us "oohhhing" and "aaahhhing" and "OMGOMGOMG" at the colors which were nestled inside. I took one quick look and said, woah... This is WAY more than the 75 colors Cheri said was the prize I was lucky enough to win. A quick count, while they were still in the bags, quickly confirmed she had sent me many more! I was in shock. I'm still in shock!

I decided right then and there, I needed to organize them. Why? I'm anal like that. Sort of. Only with my makeup. They all have to be spectrum sorted. So I got into it. Of course, there were some duplicates of colors I already have... And I'll tell you what I have in store for those in a bit. Spread out on my table, they looked like THIS:

Then I realized, I had to get the rest of my colors... Which were upstairs in my room... Up I went, down I came.... And we got to work. Once Mom and I had sorted them into their correct chromatic order, I placed them in these awesome plastic boxes we've been collecting. Now keep in mind, this is not my permanent storage for them.... It's temporary! Here at home, I have limited room for furniture in my bedroom, and the bathroom is way too small to keep my stash of makeup. So my "vanity" is my dresser with a huge mirror. These sit on the top of my dresser for now, keeping everything nice and organized and contained. I do store them upside down though so I can tell what colors I want to grab out of my jars!

My apologies for the funny look on my face and wan complexion... I was exhausted, and my back was really bothering me from the long day in the vehicle. And yes, I like Twilight. I'm a total Jacob fan! But... Can you tell I'm excited to finally have these in my paws?!?! I want to give a huge thank you to Cheri from Orglamix for all these wonderful products!!!

Getting back to another announcement... Since I do have some duplicates from this contest I've won, I am going to come up with a few different giveaway offers for you lovely fans so you can have a chance to try out these amazing cosmetics!! I'm going to toss around some ideas this week, and I hope to be offering the first one very, very soon!!

Happiness, glittery dreams and sparkling fairy dust to you all!
x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

February 19, 2011

Early Birthday Present for ME! BH Cosmetics WIN!

Happy Birthdayyyy to meeeee.... A few days early, but hey... I'm not complaining! The dog went nuts this evening, so we know someone had been out in the driveway. Well, needless to say I had no idea someone else here ordered a package... So the UPS/FedEx driver (I'm not sure which delivered) was confused because one address was used for one package, and I put the "legal" one down because at times they won't deliver because they don't know where to go and packages end up getting refused. But... He got it right...

Well, it found its way here. And I was instantly struck with a case of the snerious gigglums! I literally dove head-first into the cardboard box... Only to encounter crumply packing paper. Then bubble wrap. Inside the cushioning, the product box.
Let me take a moment to say- BH, you have terrific packaging for your products. It's clean, simple, but shows you other palettes which are available on the back without overwhelming your eyes. Not only is the outside great, but after opening the box... My palette was nestled in yet another layer of bubble wrap. This one was like a pouch- but it protected my makeup! Not one smidge of color was anywhere- it was so well wrapped and protected that none of the colors were cracked or flaked apart.

That's big for me, considering most of my makeup purchases lately have been loose mineral powders. I forgot how easy and clean pressed eye shadows can be! What was in it? This:

That's right. Talk about absolute color overload. I literally want to swatch each and every color on my eyes... At the same time. I know it's not possible, but I'm so excited to dive in to these colors... Which I will be doing in the morning! Arriving today, it's great... Because this way I'm going away for the weekend, and I get kind of irked when I pack my minerals and they end up opening and spilling. Not all of them do it, so it's not really a complaint. Anyways, this I'm just going to slide right on into my bag! The beauty of it?! There's 120 colors to play with.

I think it's enough to keep me busy for a while!

Do any of you have this palette? And if so... What are your favorite colors to use??
A review will be coming up for this product shortly!
(And the other ones I've been using as well!)

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll catch you when I get back home!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

February 16, 2011

Moi Minerals Vault - Glassy Lady : Quick Makeup for Chicks Who Wear Glasses

 I admit it... Finally! I wear them!
I know I don't often wear them, but here you see me in all my square-framed glory. And I have to admit- I kinda love my glasses! I don't wear them often because I'm not in class and no longer need to see a blackboard, I don't really drive yet, and usually what I need is on my lap... Aka, the computer.

This has been a request for some time in order to do this look. It can be difficult to find a happy-medium when putting eye makeup on and having to wear lenses. This one is a toned town, more natural look to start it off easy. I look back on some photos of me in glasses, and let me tell you... You can tell I didn't care that my eyeliner was wayyy too dark and I looked like a raccoon. Whoops! The point of doing makeup behind lenses is to accentuate and draw attention to the eyelids (not the glasses!) and the last thing we want to do is make it appear like we have small, beady eyes.

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Watch the tutorial above to see exactly how I did it!

On my face:
Stila Petal Infusions Moisturizing Cream
e.l.f. Concealer & Highlighter
Physicians Formula: Organics Mineral Foundation

On my eyes:
Moi Minerals Cosmetics Eye Shadows in:
Angel Eyes, Raze & Sage Rage
Valentine was used as blush & mixed with balm on my lips

Wet 'N Wild ColorIcon Black and White Kohl Eyeliner
WnW MegaEyes Gel Eyeliner in Black
WnW MegaPlump Mascara

Basically, Angel Eyes is applied to the entire eye area with a "C" brush from e.l.f.- from lid to brow bone and blended in lightly. Swipe a little bit along your bottom lash line to highlight your eyes.

Raze is applied with a contoured eye shadow brush to the outer half of the lids, and with whatever is left on the brush, it's applied to the outer third-to-half of the lower lid.

Sage Rage is picked up on an e.l.f. Crease Brush and applied to the crease area only, and outer "V" of the eye. Using an e.l.f. Blending Brush, lightly blend out the green upwards toward the brow bone. This will feather the color to be very subtle, but still provides definition to the eyes. Taking a flat eyeliner brush, pick a little of Sage Rage up and apply it to the bottom three-quarters of the lashline.

Tightline your upper lid with black kohl liner (line underneath your lashes, it's your upper waterline), line your bottom waterline in white kohl eyeliner. Grabbing the straight brush again, pick up a little of Sage Rage and apply it over the white liner- carefully! Don't poke your eye!

Next, grab an angled eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner. Working the color into your lashes only, and starting mid lid, lightly line your eyes. The closer you stay to your lashes, the more natural this will look. By working the color into your lashes, it will fill them in and make them appear darker and fuller. I picked up Sage Rage with a flat eyeliner brush, and used it to both set the gel liner and create an iridescent color. It's quite beautiful- it doesn't lighten the black liner completely- it still keeps it's depth- but it softens the color just enough and creates a pretty iridescent and custom liner! Curl, apply mascara, and go!

And there you have it! Quick & Easy!
Of course, this doesn't have to be worn by only gals who wear glasses!

Do you wear them??

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

February 11, 2011

Konadicure - The Anti-Valentine's Day Mani

Well, I might as well break the news to you the blunt way.

I despise Valentine's Day. If you want to read the story in it's entirety, you can do so here. Needless to say, I've always had a sour taste in my mouth for this particular holiday. To me, it's over commercialized, has lost its meaning, and somehow turned into the holiday where guys are supposed to give diamonds or a very expensive gift to his significant other. I think it's bull crap.

Every day of the year can be Valentine's Day. February 14th should not be reserved for expensive gifts to "prove" to your other half that you love them. Especially in the case of us single people, it's a too-sugary-sweet-makes-me-want-to-barf seeing all the cutesy, lovey-dovey, sappy fake presentations of "love" and "adoration".

Give me a break. The flowers are dead when they're given to you, the 1 lb of chocolate inexplicably and strangely makes you gain 10 lbs which goes straight to your tush or hips, and the jewelry is most likely CZ's. Ok, last one happens far too often... Want to know how to tell if you've gotten a fake?? CZ's throw off blue reflections, whereas diamonds throw off rainbows. It pays having a sister who's certified in diamonds and stones... Sweet! But if you're one of those lucky gals which received real diamonds- good for you!

Ok, I could rant on for weeks about this holiday... But I'm sure you want to see nails. So here they are:

Can you believe these are my real nails?! I don't think I've ever had them uniform length, and feeling so strong! The Seche Vite top coat really has helped not only dry my nails in a snap, provided flawless coverage without streaking... And also helped prevent me from getting nicks and splits!

I was aiming for a graffiti look, and I hope I succeeded. I threw on a base coat first (always!), then did two coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry nail polish in 02 Whirlwind White. After applied, I swiped on a coat of SV to dry and seal the color.

The background was stamped with BM11, the "hearts on strings" full nail stamp. Well, since BM plates are small, it doesn't quite cover my entire nail- but it's ok. The more you layer, the more creative your effect will look! This stamp was applied using SH's Insta-Dry in 220 Flashy Fuchsia. That's right gals, it's super-pigmented and opaque... Surprisingly not a Konad Special Polish!!

Next up I did use my Gold-Black KSP to stamp two images from the BM03 plate. I stamped the heart with wings once on my nails, about mid-way. Some I angled, some I didn't... But I didn't want it perfect. My thumbs, I stamped it twice on an angle. I figured it was appropriate to show a heart "flying" away! The second stamp was the heart "flower", which I only covered halfway with polish and stamped on my pointer through pinky fingers where the half moon on my nails would be. Again- I didn't want it to be perfect, so some were angled a little off from others, some were twisted a bit... I wanted variety!

Once that was done, I finished off with a coat of SV to seal the design and my nails... And they're super-shiny! I love that when I look at my nails, it looks like a black to pink fade!This mani will need to be a staple because I'm just totally in love with it... Perhaps come spring time, I'll try it in other colors!

What do you think?? Would you wear a design like this??

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

February 4, 2011

Good vs Evil : A Collaboration!

Updated 03/05/2011 & 03/06/2011

This is strictly my own personal opinion about the matter. All material uncovered was done through a public google internet search with a few different keyword entries.

Due to information uncovered and revealed about this company, I cannot in good conscience or good faith recommend anyone support this reportedly handmade, organic small business. If information had been disclosed prior to discovery by the shop owner herself, I would have no problem with continuing to purchase. Regretfully, the scope of the lie and how many different people it could have potentially affected and hurt leaves me no other choice than to say this is not an honest company to do business with.

For information as to why, you can read more below:


Or click here for more links and topics. The information can be found just below the introduction paragraph on the page.


Gather round good and evil chicks... You're not going to want to pass up this epic collaboration of picture goodness coming your way.

In my exploration of makeup, I've been very fortunate to make some pretty awesome friends here online who share my obsession... Er.... Love of makeup and colors. Those who are unafraid to dive straight in and do an outrageous look, just because. For no special reason.

Without any further ado, the beautiful and talented Makeup Zombie and I will be releasing looks together with different themes and interpretations, colors, textures, and sharing with you what we create. Today we'll be kicking off with "Good vs Evil" looks.

I grabbed a suit jacket, my black fedora, and a sparkly chandelier necklace.... And rocked the "Mean Girl" look. All I needed was a Tommy-Gun, but I couldn't find one...What do you think!?
My eyes, I went super-dramatic on. After all, I'm supposed to be bad... The shadows were applied dry, with a precision brush to create the cut-crease, cat-eye swoop, and double wing at the outside corners of my eyes. I also used it to draw the double-wing on the inside corner of my eyes. I think I'm going to have to re-create this look and venture out one night... I'm seriously in love with it!
On my face:
e.l.f. Complexion Perfection
Physicians Formula Organics: Mineral Foundation in Translucent Fair
e.l.f. Concealer & Highlighter double-ended wand (blemishes & under eyes)
e.l.f. High Definition Powder

My Beauty Addiction Shadow-Poxy eye primer
Orglamix Stone on inside corners and first half of eyelid
Concrete Minerals Seance to create cut crease, cat-eye, double/triple wings & lower lid
Concrete Minerals Strobelight on outer half of top lid, blended on top of cut crease and cat eye on upper lid & underneath Seance on bottom lid, and blended on inside corners of eyes and in between wings at outer corners
Moi Minerals Cosmetics Shimmers and Pearls on browbone and on inner tearduct of eye
Wet 'N Wild Black Kohl eyeliner pencil on waterlines, and on top lid
Wet 'N Wild MegaPlump mascara on top and bottom lashes
Dept. 18 False Lashes, blue & magenta zig zags (from Halloween)

Moi Minerals Cosmetics eyeshadow Wish in hollows of cheekbones, and Valentine on apples of cheeks

N.Y.C. red lip pencil in 957 & Wet 'N Wild lipstick in 514A

Now I know you're wondering... What's the good girl look?
Well... The lovely and talented Makeup Zombie has created the opposite look of mine- so you'll have to click her picture below to see "Good Girl"

Facebook Pages:

Shop and peruse the makeup:

Thanks for looking, and I hope to see you back soon!

x0x0x0 ~* The Mean Girl, aka Snarky P

February 2, 2011

Konadicure - Did the Cat Eat the Fish?!

Well, this past weekend was pretty tough for me, so I figured my nails this week would somehow have to incorporate kitties into them. While the pros of my travel were finding out my back can at least handle (to some degree) a rather long ride without totally spazzing out on me, and seeing one of my best childhood friends and my god-daughter (her little girl), and seeing two friends who are very dear to me who also live down in CT, the cons were I gave up two of my little kittens!

Now those of you that know, we have 5 cats already. There's Mitts, the 18 1/2 year old gray Maine Coon, Balls the totally black boy and Ratcat who's his sister, and a pretty sandy colored tiger, who are 10 1/2, and Hobbes who's a big spotted Tabby Tom Cat who's gray, black and white. They mostly get along, except when Balls chases his sister, or Hobbes decides to... Or when Balls and Hobbes decide they're going to prove who's the owner of the house. There's no doubt about it. Mitts is the King. All he needs to do is raise a mighty double-paw and plunk it on the head of whatever cat decides to bother him. Ha ha ha! However, when I came home back in Spring, I brought my little cat Peeps with me. She's the 1 1/2 year old kitty who is a Patchwork Tabby Calico girl, with quite an attitude. She's quite sweet, but doesn't really care for the other cats much. The pictures which follow are from our journey down to CT, and back home to NH! They all did so well during the ride!!!

However- she liked Hobbes enough to um... Well, I'll just say it. They had kittens in October!
(do not worry, neutering and spaying is in their near future)
Peeps had 4 "Little Doobies", as I'd affectionately nicknamed them, and I've had them in tow since then. Due to the fact that they hadn't weaned by 8 weeks old, and Christmas had come barreling down the expressway... I held on to them a little longer. Then, due to scheduling and stuff, I kept them longer. So, I've had my "babies" for 17 weeks- and now they're in new homes!

Honestly, I didn't know which of the boys my two friends in CT would choose, though I knew they are parents to an orange cat currently. Whoosh- no help, considering both boys are orange! Little Dude is dark, and Dane is peachy.  Dane earned his nickname after the comedian Dane Cook, who declared because he liked Transformers, he wanted to name one of his children "BbbbbrrrrRRRRRRReeeeeHHHHH!". Yes, the little kitty loves to talk- and he used to greet me every morning with a twitter!! While he doesn't typically like to be picked up by a human, whenever one sits down... He has to curl up and take a catnap with them. He's so affectionate, and it just made my heart swell even more for this little guy! He was the one chosen by my friends, and his new parents have re-named him with one which suits him beautifully- JB Westen 007. He's a super-cat spy! Quite fitting indeed!

Next up was my little cuddle bug sweetheart going, and her nickname was Sweetie. Guess why!? I do, however love her new name- because she's so dang cute! Love-Bug is now Precious <3 She loves chin rubs, cuddles, anything soft and snuggly, and has a purring motor that would put a jet to shame. I never in a million years thought I'd get a snowball-kitten from Peeps, since she's a calico. But you guessed it... I had two white girls with black ears and tips! The best thing was they both kept their pretty blue eyes!! As they get older, their colors are coming out more- and Precious has a lot of coloring on her face. I nicknamed her "Gremlin" for a little while, because she looks like one ha ha ha! I love the coloring on her face- black, tan and orange! She also does the cutest little butt "raise" when you reach down to pet her... Head butts, and her rear end goes up! I know her new Mommy wouldn't do this, but as much as Precious suits this kitten to a T, I can't help but imagine her skipping around her condo and in a funny Golem voice saying "My Preciousssssss! Oh, my... My Preciousssssss!" LOL And of course, I imagine the sweet little kitten would either run and hide... Or join her! Ha ha ha!!!

Little Dude came home with me, and I'm working on convincing someone to let me keep him. He's missing his siblings- he wanders the house at night looking for them, then comes in to me with a look on his face like "Ok, game's over! Where's my brother and sisters?" He's been super-cuddly and affectionate, but then again... That's his nature. He's got a great disposition and is definitely an Omega cat. Easy going, just like our Old Man Mitts. He loves to purr, loves to be around people (except when he naps during the day), attacks any toys he can literally get his paws on... And in general, is just an absolute awesome kitten. He's nearly as big as his mother- so I think he's going to be one big boy!!!

So yeah, that's my story about this past weekend- so I'm feeling a bit "child-less" without my kittens! I miss them... But I know they're in new homes where their parents absolutely adore them!!! I woke up in a panic Monday night, thinking my kittens escaped my room and I'd have to round them up. Once I woke a little more, I remembered I no longer have them. But there was Little Dude, at my feet, curled up and comfy. He felt me kind of roll over with a start, and he got up, nuzzled me under my chin, and curled up against my belly under the covers, cuddled and purred until I fell asleep. Peeps also joined me, up near her favorite spot  on "her" side of the bed. (aka, what would belong to another human, but doesn't) So as an ode to my kittens... I did my nails in Kitties and Fish-Bones!

Hope I didn't bore you with my cat story!

On my nails:
Base Coat from Lippman Collection (Old, just using it up... I think I got it from a friend...)
Wet 'N Wild Craze nail color in 231 Shield (a beautiful dark burnished gold)
Sinful Colors in Courtney Orange
Konad Plate M60 - The Plaid Design used with-
Sally Hansen Chrome in 48 Purple Diamond Chrome
Bundle Monster Plate BM04
Konad Special Polish in Gold-Black to stamp Cat on BM04
Sally Hansen Chrome in Pure Chrome to stamp Fish Bones/Skeleton
Seche Vite Top Coat to Seal.

You like? I thought it was really cute! Even Mom liked it!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

* All products used have been purchased by me.

** I was quite disappointed with this application of polish. I painted my nails Monday, and three of my tips chipped yesterday... Most of my nails today have chipped and lifted polish which have the WnW color, which I'm bummed about. Sadly, I'm removing them tonight. But that means a new design! I really like this soft gold. *shrugs* Oh well. Win some, lose some.

February 1, 2011

Fashion Strikes - Patricia Field

Photo from Patricia Field
I am in love. With a t-dress. Why? It's the ultimate blonde bombshell in a kickass illustration of Lady Liberty...

Perhaps, I can get this soon. It's on my NEED to have list!

I love graphic prints, especially if it's something out of the norm. This print of Marilyn posing as Liberty herself, and the fact that she's cocking a gun just grabs me. I think it's sexy.

Personally, for me, I'd toss on a pair of black leggings, and a pair of red heels to bring this together as an outfit. Why? The curves I've been graced with tend to pull mini-dresses up so they're much shorter on my frame than on a regular girl. So, easy thing to do is accessorize and make sure no underthings are seen!! (no, I do not aspire to be some "divas" that think good publicity is flashing their... Ummm.... Girlie Bits)

Accessories... I think I'd have to wear my sparkly chunky chandelier necklace (used in my Halloween costume, which I can't believe I didn't blog about...) and a cuff bracelet or two. Makeup? Classic pinup with bright red lips of course!! The same color as my shoes would be ;)

The question is: would you wear something like this? If so, what would you use as accessories?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P