April 27, 2011

Awesome Eyes, and Meet My Pirate!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and I know I'm posting this mid-week... But I'm seriously trying to get caught up with everything that I'm behind on! Frankens are being made in a few minutes- since yesterday it was rainy, and I could barely move. Today was better- sunny, and summer-like... But I went with Mom to her mosaic class to hang with her and some other dames- just to get my butt out of the house. It was fun- I traced the lotus patterns I want, and they look good! We've since picked up some tiles to make my custom pattern on my dump-find vanity table! A quick sanding, a couple coats of black lacquer, a new knob on the drawer, and mosaic-ed top of lotus flowers and water! I can't wait! It's going to look so awesome... When we get started on the project, I'll keep you updated with pictures of the entire process!

Anywho, I'm now introducing you to my Pirate. Yep, he's my guy. He came up to celebrate Easter with my family and I, since we didn't have everyone (with my brother out in Vegas, and my youngest sis at college, they couldn't make it home for the holiday) we at least got to impress him with our genuine, authentic Italian cooking.

Well, my guy managed to get a good night's sleep in a comfy bed (not mine, of course! Gotta respect Dad and Mom's rules!) and managed to not get assaulted by any of our 6 cats. Mitts, the 19 year old Maine Coon. Balls, the 10 year old black cat. His sister Ratcat. Hobbes the big three year old, and also the Dad of Little Dude who's now 6 months. And Peeps, my little bitch cat (she's been a big one lately for some reason- I have no idea!!) who's about a year and a half old. I'm happy to report he slept well, and woke up before me! Whoops! We spent the morning chatting with Mom, and I swear he lives off Mountain Dew. I hate the stuff- it's disgusting. It's all I see him drink- other than an occasional glass of water. Go figure. What is it with guys and Mountain Dew? Can anyone tell me??

Ok, back to the subject... We went up to The Kank to Lower Falls where many people in the summer swim. Well, because of the melting snow and lots of rain, there's no way in heck anyone would want to go in the frigid water, nevermind the raging swollen waters. We've already lost many people to the local rivers because they've gotten too close, slipped in, and died. So, we walked slowly (me poking around and placing my cane carefully along with my feet on the trail and rocks) and went and sat near the falls. Then back to the little picnic/seating area. I decided that we needed pictures of us together, instead of the (awesome) one from Halloween where I have a half disgusting face, and he had "dressed up" as a Leaf Peeper. Hah, original for my town, right?? Not. We always have leaf peepers. Anywho- these are the pictures of me and my Pirate. I thought it was about time for me to introduce my other half to you readers!
And as a side note, I loved the way these colors looked on my eyes- and so did Pirate! I have on Scaredy Cat Cosmetics colors in Robin the Cradle, Smooze, and Metamorphosis!


Yep. We're geeks. Yes, I'm aware that my hair is doing a weird, Alfalfa thing... Remember me telling you last week I cut my bangs too short? Well... I did! They're alright though- and will grow out!

And this curious little chipmunk came by to say hi... I needed to share because it was just so dang cuuuuuuuuute! I'll bring bread or bird seed next time- they're such beggars, and I feel bad when I don't have anything to feed them.

Ok, ok.... I think I'm gonna go make the Frankenshades first, and then open my new eyeliner, and wash off what I have on my face... I promised an eyeliner tutorial/how to with different ones. I think I pretty much have it covered... I have kohl pencil eyeliner, gel liner, a waterproof liquid liner, and a felt-tip liquid liner. Oh, and I can grab a shadow and use one as eyeliner too! So yes... I think I'm set! Off to get this done for you gals!!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. Awwwwwwwwww! You guys look SO cute :D

  2. I'm happy to see you happy. Glad that you guys got to spend Easter together!

  3. He's cute. Looks almost Irish! Or is he???

  4. How cute is that chipmunk?!?! Looks like y'all had a great time :)

  5. You two are so sweet together--it's great to see you so happy!!

    And eyeliner tutorial--YAY!!!!

  6. You guys are super cute together!

  7. You guys are very adorable together! Glad you had a good Easter! <3

  8. @Everyone: Thank you :D *big grins*
    I Frankened 10 eye shadows tonight... My back is killing me... WHO KNEW it took SO much time to make colors?!? The last 3 hours- creating!! Sheeeeez I gotta give a hand to the actual business owners who handcraft their mineral makeup because not only did it take a long time, I'm also covered in all sorts of twinkles, glitter, mica and other good stuff. And I wore protective gear too!

    I PROMISE: Eyeliner tutorial tomorrow!!

    @MZ: He's pIrish! HAHAHA! But yes, among other things, he is Irish!