April 30, 2011

Aromaleigh Giveaway - Courtsey of Glitters & Bubbles

Yes my friends, I have yet another Giveaway to tell you about... I would have done this sooner, but you all have front row seating to the way my mind works- I'm Miss. Forgetful. At least today isn't the last day for the giveaway!! 5 days from now, the contest will end- on May 5th, PST at Noon.

So my friend Miss Glitter & Bubbles (Soon to be Mrs. G&B!) is doing a giveaway of 6 (six) Aromaleigh Oops! colors to one lucky winner! The pictures below are borrowed from her blog, so give 'em a click and head on over to enter! The colors will come in 5g jars, which have a sifter, and are absolutely beautiful. They don't look like much when you look at the color(s) inside the jars- they deceive you! Once opened and admired in the jars, they sparkle and twinkle. Once applied to your lids- you're absolutely in love.

There is nothing "wrong" with these colors- they're simply called Oops! because they did not make it into either the core line or Special Edition collections. Up for grabs:

Ooops #1 - Silvery gray with copper sparkles and a hint of rainbow sparkle
Ooops #2 - Medium blue/green with rainbow sparkle
Ooops #3 - Golden beige with rainbow sparkle
Ooops #4 - Light pink/purple with aqua sparkle
Ooops #5 - Medium green with green and rainbow sparkle
Ooops #6 - Dark dusty purple with holographic sparkle

So get yourself over to Glitter & Bubbles and enter today before the contest ends!! There's a maximum of 15 possible entries one can get- so take a look at the rules and follow what's posted so you have a chance to win! Also- don't forget to wish her a Congratulations- she's getting married in a few short weeks! Yay! I'd have to say it's the perfect time of year to do it!!
x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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