March 14, 2011

Konadicure - Tigress or Garfield? You Decide!

Alright... Get your growl on... Rowr!

This mani turned out wanting to be zebra stripes... But done with orange and black, it's totally bring out the Tigress in me. I'd say Garfield too- but I think he's lighter than my nails. And I'm not a big, roly-poly cat. But... I do have the same snarky dry sense of humor. Which one am I!?

I also took pictures of the old Sinful Colors glitter-polish I have... That'll go up later!! I'm such a geek. It's the one I told you I used with my last mani- the one I was trying to bribe Spring with to get her... And I think it kinda worked. But yeah- that polish has got to be at least 15 years old! Rock on!

Lippman Base Coat
Sinful Colors in Courtney Orange
Konad Image Plate M57 - Zebra/Tiger Stripes
Konad Special Polish in Gold-Black
Seche Vite Top Coat
I can't decide if I want lasagna, or to go get dolled up for no reason and get my Tiger on... Ha ha ha!
These certainly are not for the faint of heart... This color orange really is unique and jumps right out at you- thank you Sinful for making such a cool color! Coupled with the black pattern, it's just that much better.

So yeah... I wonder what the boyfriend's gonna think about these... LOL

Would you tiger stripes like this?! Let me know!!

x0x0x0 & Rowrs ~*Snarky P


  1. THOSE ARE FAB. I want that orange right NOW, and I've ordered enough polishes! Love the tiger stripes! :D

  2. Gorgeous! I don't know why I've never gotten behind orange polish before...I'm rethinking it now:)

  3. @Reggie: Thanks!!! Can you believe the polishes are about $2.00!? Walgreens baby!

    @Naturalla: Thank you!! I always thought it looked funky with my skin tone, so like you I've stayed away... But this one has just enough shimmer in it to make it look like auto-paint... And my nails literally "glow" orange! Rowr!