May 19, 2011

Now I Know My ABC's... You're Tagged!!

ABC's are so much fun. And to break up the monotony of the same awards that have been going around lately, and having to come up with random facts about myself (which is soooo hard to do!!!), this one asks me questions, and all I have to do is answer! HA HA HA!

I need to thank both my friends for tagging me- eRiN over at The Cheap Chick and Melissa from Melissa's Random Musings blogs!! It was so fun reading facts about you, now it's my turn!

This is a terribly fun way to get to know each other in the blogging world, so read on for some fun facts! Then you'll see my picks to receive this fun "Get To Know You" survey!

A. Age: Believe it or not, I'm 30! I'm generally mistaken for being much, much younger. I get carded at the liquor store. At the convenience store. Sometimes, even going into Rated R movies. Score!!

B. Bed size: Full. Memory Foam. I <3 my bed. I'm little, don't need much room!

C. Chore you hate: Washing dishes. I hate them. Especially when food gets crusted on and is nearly impossible to scrape off.

D. Day: What?! About them? Most times, I don't want to get out of bed.

E. Essential start to your day: Stretching, so I can get out of bed. Then breakfast!

F. Favorite color: Red.

G. Gold or Silver: I like both, but prefer silver to wear! Or silver toned metals.

H. Height: 5'2” barefoot … I used to wear crazy heels that were 3" or more... But not so much now with my back being hurt. Actually not at all. I'm either in sneakers, socks, slippers, or barefoot.

I. Instruments: I played flute in middle/high school. I know how to play a little harp (from my youngest sister). I figured out keys on a piano, but haven't played in a long time.

J. Job title: A Snarky Princess. Due to my back injury, I can't work at this time.

K. Kids: Eventually!

L. Live: New Hampshire.

M. Mum’s name: Jacqueline.

N. Nicknames: Panda Bear, Peanut and "Boopie". The last was my Grandfather's favorite for me.

O. Overnight hospital stays: Most recent one? August of 2009 for having the Piggy Flu. Before that, I can't remember. I was in the hospital a lot in my high school years because of my asthma.

P. Pet peeve: I have way too many. People who talk with food in their mouth, or chew with their mouth open for me to see half masticated food in there. Gross. People who do not have good grammar, or "text talk" in a normal conversation. Hawkers, solicitors, telemarketers calling at dinnertime. People that don't use their blinkers, or who make a turn, and pull over to the opposite direction to make said turn leaving you jamming your brakes because you would have had room to get by had they not pulled all the way over into your part of the lane/street.

Q. Quote from a movie: "Never waste a hard-on, never trust a fart." Jack Nicholson

R. Right or left handed: Right to write and eat. Ambidextrous with most else.

S. Siblings: Three. I'm the oldest, and I have a brother and two sisters. Age difference between me and them is 2, 6 and 10 years.

T. Time you wake up: It varies day by day and how much sleep I tend to get each night. And how much rest I'm able to get.

U. Underwear: Love fun ones! Pretty, feminine and flirty underthings are a must!

V. Vegetables you dislike: Green peppers on pizza.

W. What makes you run late: My alarm clock not going off. Traffic.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: It may be a tie between my back and my teeth. Also chest (asthma problems).

Y. Yummy food you make: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai... You name it, I'll cook it! Oh, and I'm famous for my sushi making skills amongst my social group!

Z. Zoo: I love zoos! I made it halfway through the big one in Washington DC, and not only did we get rained out, but it was awesome. I need to go back for the other half. My favorite part was the Panda Exhibition! Because it's my nickname, and I <3 Pandas!

Now it's time to tag some of my fellow blogger friends. Since I waited days to do this, many of my more popular friends were tagged by other mutual friends. That's what I get for waiting! But it's ok- it just gives me a chance to share with you some new reads you might not have had yet!

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So there you have my tagged friends! You must fill out the ABC's on your own, and repost!
It doesn't matter how many more people you "Tag", you can do three or a hundred... Just list so we can find some new and great people too!

What's your favorite fun fact in here about me?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. I liked your facts. What movie is that quote from?

  2. That quote cracked me up!! And sorry about the Piggy flu, although you make it sound cuter than it actually was I'm sure LOL

  3. Thanks dolls!
    It's from "The Bucket List" with him and Morgan Freeman! It's a GREAT movie!!!
    And since we watched it recently, and it always makes me laugh, I had to post it! LOL

  4. We have a lot in common…We’re both 30..We both wear Silver…we both never know what day it really is, just want to get back into bed LOL…We both played the flute in middle school :0), we both have asthma & are righties…

    Time you wake up…depends on the nights you have really bad insomnia, right?

    Haha I always love these things because it lets me get to know the person I talk to over the computer with more :0) Thanks for tagging me! I’ll get right to it

  5. This is really cute!! girl, you do not look 30!
    I also love that picture of you:]


  6. I have to agree with SiSi, there is no way you're freaking 30! Liar, liar pants on fire :P

  7. Hahahaha I'm totally with you on the getting carded thing--yes, even at the movies! Which was ridiculous, but I had forgotten my driver license because my hubby drove and we had movie passes--so no wallet for me. I'll never do that again. I'd have been more flattered I suppose if the smug box office bully wasn't threatening to bar me from the movie if he didn't see some ID. I swear I was almost ready to throw down, arguing with this dude about my age, until hubby stepped in, flashed his ID and said he'd vouch for me o.0

    And I LOVE red!!

  8. @Solange: A blanket statement... YESSSS!!! We rock! hahahahaha!!! I think I like this "survey" the best because it kind of touches on a bit of everything! AAAAaaaaand we both make jewelry!! I really like reading about my blogging friends :)

    @SiSi Sparkles & Melissa: I swear on my Mom's C-Section scar I'm 30... LOL I kept that poor woman in labor for 52 hours :/

    @rivercitylizzy: Uh ohhhhh! I haven't been banned from anywhere yet... That stinks! I'd have broke out the big attitude on someone that threatened to ban me.. Most of the "kids" that work at the theater I'm older than anyways... And I have a cane. *laughs*

  9. I love your cooking skills and I wanna taste your homecooked Italian meals :D And yeah, you don't look 30 at all.

    p/s: Your comment about bad grammar reminds me of Liz's pet peeve too. LOL. Now I'm really scared to write to you and Liz.