November 6, 2010

Get the Look - Blue and Shimmery

I'm sure many of you are hesitant to use blue on your eyes. I think of it, and visions of 80's chicks in plastic bangle bracelets, bright pink lips, crimped hair and blue eyeshadow everywhere enter my head... And I shriek! That's not my idea of fun makeup.... Unless you're headed to a theme party.

All joking aside, blue is a very versatile color. It comes in shades of the lightest pastel, to electric blue, to deep almost black colors. All which are very pretty. Most which when worn correctly, will look quite stunning. For instance, today I've used bright blues. The key to pulling off this look is moderation.

I've chosen three colors that are similar to each other, but still different. Now, in the pictures and the video it kinda looks like I have one color on. Rest assured, I don't. When you blend blues out, they combine, and a variety of gorgeous shading comes in to play. You need the lighter blue on the inside half of your lid to brighten up and widen eyes. The mid-tone blue on the outer half adds contouring, to tone down and compliment the lighter one. And finally, the darker blue creates shadows and depth to your crease. With the addition of a white shimmery brow highlighter, you can blend the blues down to lighter shades if you want to as well.

Depending on how your eyes catch the light with this sort of combination, it will appear various shades of blue are on your lids. And who can resist that!? A light eyeliner is key as well- you don't want to go too heavy handed with it. The blues are bright enough that just a hint of color is needed along your lash line. On your bottom lid, only bring the liner half way across from the outside to the middle, and only apply it to the roots of the lashes. Applying the white kohl eyeliner to the bottom waterline, along with the same highlighter color used on your brow, will really open your eyes up and make them appear wider. Along with the blues, it will also brighten up the whites of your eyes and intensify the color of your eyes- blue eyes take on a lot of the shade colors. Green can turn a little aqua, and brown eyes will turn to a rich chocolate.

I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post... As I so often warn you, be careful you don't poke your eyes with a brush. I think mine was victim of the mascara wand- I honestly don't remember. But I'm not showing you my beautifully bright pink eye along with the awesome blue shadows. Nope, not happening.

Product list of what's on my face:
Nivea Soft moisturizing cream
e.l.f. Zit Zapper
e.l.f. Complexion Perfection
Physicians Formula: Organics Translucent Mineral Foundation

Eyes Moi Minerals Cosmetics mineral eye shadow colors in:
Fame- light, bright blue on inner half of eye
O'Baby- shimmery medium blue on outer half of eye
Bobbie- dark blue, used in crease and to create depth
Shimmers & Pearls- white shadow, used on brow bone, inner corner of eyes, upper crease to blend blues, and on lower waterline
Lips- MMC gloss in Lover
Wet 'N Wild Kohl Eyeliner in Black and White
WNW MegaLength Mascara in Black

So there you have it, a stunning blue look!

Play with color!!

xoxoxo ~*Snarky P