November 23, 2010

The Good Goth - Dark, Sexy & Dramatic Eyes

Updated 03/05/2011 & 03/06/2011

This is strictly my own personal opinion about the matter. All material uncovered was done through a public google internet search with a few different keyword entries.

Due to information uncovered and revealed about this company, I cannot in good conscience or good faith recommend anyone support this reportedly handmade, organic small business. If information had been disclosed prior to discovery by the shop owner herself, I would have no problem with continuing to purchase. Regretfully, the scope of the lie and how many different people it could have potentially affected and hurt leaves me no other choice than to say this is not an honest company to do business with.

For information as to why, you can read more below:

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Yesterday's look was a bit on the dramatic side... Ok, ok... More like definitely dramatic. What can I say?! I love drawing attention to my eyes, and I love sparkles. So it kind of makes sense that I'd want to do a dark look on my eyes, right?! Right!

It's gothic with a twist. I kept my lips fairly nude. But my eyes... Wowza! The tutorial is below for you to check out!

For me, having bold eyes is fun. It's a way for me to express my feelings for the day- whether it be fun, silly, quirky, or sullen. Yes- we all have gray days. Yesterday it was Danger for some reason. I don't know why... I just felt dark, full of emotion... And craving glitter. A poll on my Facebook Page revealed the color I would be using: Purple.

What's on my face:

Nivea Moisturizing Cream

e.l.f. Complexion Perfection
(under eyes, around nose, chin)

e.l.f. Concealer & Highlighter Wands
(cover blemishes, highlight nose & temples)

PF: Organics Mineral Foundation

The Eyes Have It with Orglamix Mineral Cosmetics:

Eye Primer


Grape Hyacinth

Pink Twinkle Effects

Vanilla Birthday Cake

Finishing Off:

Silvery-White Creme Eye Shadow Stick
(off brand, not sure which? Applied after primer, before Fig)

Wet 'N Wild Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Black

WNW Gel Eyeliner in Black

Fantasy Makers (WNW) Silver Glitter Eyeliner

WNW MegaLength Mascara in Black

Cheeks have Baie Rose dusted on them (Orglamix)

Lips have e.l.f.'s Minty Lip Gloss in New York City mixed with Baie Rose.

There's the look! While this isn't quite a look for the faint of heart, if you're looking for a change- this definitely fits the bill! It's fun, it's glittery and sparkly, and you'll get lots of compliments for certain!

Thanks for stopping by as always!
xoxoxo ~*Snarky P

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