November 9, 2010

Get the Look - Iridescent Bubbles Upon My Eyes

I remember being a kid, and getting a new bottle of bubbles each summer. I'd sit in the sunshine in my backyard, and try to make the biggest one possible with my little wand. Careful concentration, along with quick breaths were key.... And before you knew it, I'd have a sparkling, shimmering bubble reflecting all sorts of rainbow colors in the sunlight.

For a while, I was so enamored with them, during a trip to a Science Museum, I stayed at the bubble table while everyone continued on. Finally realizing I wasn't with them, one of the chaperons came back and found me still playing. Lucky for me, I didn't get into trouble. I was mesmerized with the tiny bubble clumps, each one having a different iridescent reflection- but all of them with the same colors. To me, they were magic. They still are!

When my friend Mary posted this song to my profile, along with a request to do create a look which was light, airy and colorful. This is also one of my favorite songs, from one of my all time favorite movies! I mean come on- what girl wouldn't want a pair of ruby red, glittery shoes?

I scooped up some colors, and quickly got to work. A little color here, a little color there... And soon upon my eyes danced the same colors one would find when looking at the surface of a bubble! I think out of all my looks, this one is one of my top 5. It just reminds me so much of being a kid- and sitting in the sun blowing bubbles. Or even better- near a bubble machine, so as they popped out into the air, they felt like butterflies alighting on your skin as they popped.

For a little extra shine, I glued on a 2mm and a 4mm crystal on the inner and outer corners of my eye. With the application of fantasy lashes in magenta, it really upped the look to the next level of pretty. More glitter, more sparkle- gotta love it! Of course, if worn to work you wouldn't want to add the extra glitteries and lashes.... But for a night out, or a Halloween look.... You can't go wrong!

In order to blend the colors, you want to make sure you have a fluffy brush that will not wipe all the color off your lids. If the brush is too dense, it will do such. By using a fluffy brush, it will evenly distribute the colors and gradually blend the colors out softly without wiping it off completely. The brush I'm using is from e.l.f. and is the Blending Brush. You can also use the e.l.f. Crease Brush to blend- however, it's considerably smaller than the blending brush, so it may take a little more time to achieve the soft gradient blends. As with any look, if a color goes on too sheer- blend it out as if it were the color you wanted. Go back for a little bit more, and continue alternating between the blending and adding color until you achieve the pigment you want.

Remember- have fun!

On My Face:

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream
Physicians Formula: Organics Mineral Foundation in Translucent
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
Ulta lipliner in Nude
e.l.f. Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink
Orglamix Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow in Baie Rose used as blush

The Eyes Have It:
100% Mineral Eye Shadows from My Beauty Addiction in:


Sea Breeze

Lavender Ice


Ice Princess

Pink Quartz

Electric Purple


Wet 'N Wild Kohl Eyeliner in White and Black
WNW Gel Liner in Black
WNW MegaLength Mascara in Black
Eyelash Glue
Swarovski Crystals, flat back (can also use nail art crystals)
Department 18 Magenta Lashes (to and bottom)

Hope you're inspired by the bubbly-goodness and sparkles! Love, sunshine and magic await!

xoxoxo ~*Snarky P


  1. Beautiful! I love the lashes and the colors you used!

  2. @Michelle: Thank you so much! I loved this look!!!