~*Join Project Safe Indie*~

Please Note:
At this time, we understand that some people think the purpose of this project is for us to collect free makeup. This is not, and never will be, part of PSI. Our first and foremost concern is providing you with a list of safe products and companies to purchase them from.
Not getting and collecting a stash of freebies.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at projectsafeindie at (@) gmail dot (.) com

Shop Safely in the Indie Cosmetic Community!

If you would like to become a part of Project: Safe Indie and submit your company for approval, please read the following information thoroughly. If you can fulfill all of the requirements, and would still like to become a member, please contact us with the submission information and we'll get the ball rolling to get you into the PSI Directory! Thank you for your interest in joining us.

Mandatory Requirements:

1. FDA regulations are in place for a reason- there must be a label of all ingredients either included on the product packaging, or included with the package, clearly and easily identified for the product(s). Your customers safety depends on this list! This will ensure that anyone with an autoimmune disorders or sensitive skin conditions don't purchase a product which they believe is safe for them to use, and instead have an adverse or severe reaction to it. Easily being able to identify ingredients is important for us!

2. Products which are not eligible for inclusion on this list are repackaged/private label cosmetics made by another company- also known as not hand made by you. This project is specifically for Independent Cosmetic Companies who hand make their own products. The only exceptions to this "rule" are supplies or tools which may be sold alongside your handmade products- as in cosmetic brushes, containers/jars, sponges/loofahs, etc.
Note: If there is stock material (i.e. foundation, for example) which is purchased pre-made, wholesale, or as private label, and other ingredients are added to the product to refine and round out the product to make it a better formula- this will be taken into consideration. Any such product must be clearly stated as not being 100% handmade by you. All ingredients must be listed for base product and any "extras".
Additions of two or more ingredients must be added to the product for it to be considered altered. For instance, taking a container of mica, adding cosmetic glitter, and calling it handmade eye shadow will not be an eligible product.
However, if mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium myristate, and other proper eye shadow bases are added to make a finished product- it would be considered handmade.

3. Sanitation is important. You must have a clean, organized workspace free of children and/or pets. This doesn't mean take it to the extreme and your kids are not allowed to visit you while you're working- that, of course, is alright. But children playing with ingredients or possibly contaminating jars/products will not be considered acceptable. If you have pets, you would want to keep them completely out of your workspace/area if at all possible. Some people have severe allergies to pets, and this could potentially pose an issue since their dander tends to get everywhere.

4. Practice cleanliness- If your kitchen also doubles as your lab, make sure you disinfect any surface areas, cover work spaces, and keep as absolutely clean as possible when you craft. Sanitize and sterilize all tools which will be used before you start, and often during the creation of your products. The use of gloves is highly recommended before touching any materials or supplies. You might want to take into consideration that some people are severely allergic to latex, so you may want to use nitrile gloves instead. Face masks should be used while creating- though this is a recommendation, not necessarily a requirement. When working with loose powders, it will not only prove sanitary for your products, but it will stop you from inhaling the fine dust as well. You may want to use an apron as well.

5. Final Products must be sealed properly and packaged safely for delivery. An invoice of contents (if product is purchased; if sent for free, this is not required), and a business card with your contact information are required inclusions to the package. Most of you practice this already, and it's a great add on and touch for your customers.

Submission Information:

If your company practices all of the requirements, you may contact us for company/product approval. You will have to submit the following items:

1. At least one photo of your lab/workspace with a legible sign stating the following:
This is the Lab/Workspace of (your company name). This is mandatory.
We are trying to ensure you're not just grabbing images off Google. You may include others of your area, whether it be a warehouse lab, a dining room, a craft room, or even just a table in a spare room. Your lab is not required to be an extensively large place, or to take up an entire wing of your home. We're just looking for clean, well organized areas where you work!

2. A photo of your stock and supplies. You don't have to take close up pictures of your bulk packaged micas, pigments, bases or labels- we just want to see that you have legitimate bulk stock you mix to create your individual products. This can be included in your lab photo. Show us jars, bottles, mixing equipment, labels, shipping supplies, etc.

3. A photo of your sanitation products kept on hand to sterilize work areas, and to clean as you create your magic close by.
i.e., gloves, masks, aprons, alcohol, bleach, antibacterial wipes, disposable tools, etc.

4. All products will be given a very detailed review, high quality pictures, and swatches done by one of our bloggers on the rotation team. We will be reviewing companies and products, (i.e., loose powder eye shadow, lip stick, gloss, foundation, blush, etc.) in a few different ways which are outlined below:

a) We as individuals will purchase products from your company and review each of what we select. Only those products purchased and reviewed will be available to list as part of PSI.
If, for example, one of us has only reviewed eye shadows, but another has reviewed foundation and lip products- then all three are eligible to be included. If at a later date one of us tries a different product, that review would be included and the product(s) will be added to the PSI list.


b) You may submit your company for review by sending one (1) full size product from each line you carry, or would like reviewed, examples of which are listed above. This in turn means the application and approval process to get into the PSI directory will be a bit more streamlined.

If you have a problem fulfilling any of the requirements listed above, please feel free to contact us and we will help guide you through the approval and submission process. Currently as it stands, most of us are purchasing cosmetics, (yes that's right!) we're actively supporting small business, and then approaching the companies as to whether or not they'd like to join Project Safe Indie's growing database. We understand that the initial wording of PSI could have been interpreted as us demanding free cosmetic products- which was not the intent, and not how we meant to portray this project at all. As we buy, use, and give our reviews and personal opinions on companies, the database of Indie MMU Companies will be a constantly growing list!

 Please do not feel that you are being "bullied" into providing us with free samples.
Also keep in mind, we will not review sample sized products, as 9 times out of 10 they're packaged in a different manner than regular, full sized products. We'll be happy to make mention in review of free samples included in an order, but they are not eligible for PSI reviews and inclusion in the directory.

Once you've gathered the information, or if you have any general questions or comments, please send an email to: projectsafeindie at (@) gmail dot (.) com