April 20, 2011

A Nominee Nominated Me... Back!

Ha ha! Thought you'd get a kick of of that title... And I'm feeling a little silly this evening. Don't mind me if I seem sporadic or eccentric- the doctor's appointment went alright today. My post before last was about me receiving The Versatile Blogger Award, and it took me a while to actually get around to writing it. I had received two nods from bloggers, which meant I had to come up with 14 things about me you didn't already know. It took a while not because I didn't want to... But because things have been so hectic lately. Because things are quieting down, and I'm being advised to stay quiet again, I have more time to just sit here and zone out with the computer on my lap and my feet up.

The rules (which I totally forgot to post!!) ended up being posted on Michelle's blog because I failed to do it here. (whoops!) Of course, I dug out and came up with my favorite blogger hangouts in the last post and thought that was that. Kind of. Anywho, that's me rambling... I need to get to the point.

MakeupMama awarded me back The Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Michelle!

Now to make things simple, because I've already named all the bloggers I wanted in the last post, I'm just going to list 7 more random things you don't know about me. This brings the total to 21. Phew. I didn't think I'd have to think of that many, but heck- this is FUN!

1. Had I been born when I was supposed to, it would have been at the end of April. Yes, that's right- I was born 7 weeks early and weighed 3lbs 8oz. Pick up a medium tangerine- that's what size my head was. Because preemies back then didn't have the best survival rate, there were no diapers or clothes made that small. I literally fit inside a diaper! I was born on February 21st, stayed in the NICU until St. Patrick's Day, and had to wear doll clothes for the first few months of my life. When my Dad held me, my head was at the tip of his fingers, my bum rested at the bottom of his palm, and my feet would touch his wrist. I was a little one!

2. I listen to all sorts of music. The majority of it is alternative rock, but I also like gold old rock, oldies, classical, pop, some rap, a little country, some death metal, occasionally bluegrass or folk music, and when the mood strikes me... Techno/Industrial. I have very strange tastes.

3. I'm addicted to hand and body lotions. Even ones I don't use anymore, I still keep containers for. I have lots of them... My favorites being the regular Johnson & Johnson's Baby Lotion- especially right out of a shower! It smells so good! Jergen's Original Cherry-Vanilla scent is also another favorite. There's also quite an extensive collection of Bath & Body Works lotions and potions- one of my all time fav's being Velvet Tuberose and Twilight Woods.

4. I've read Beowulf. Yes, it was required reading. Yes, it was written in Olde English. Yes, it was a difficult read... But it was an awesome story.

5. I adore thrift and antique stores- some of the neatest goodies and treasures are to be found in them. From furniture which can be given a good sanding, priming, and turned into a treasure... To all sorts of vintage glass and copper things, to tons of other finds.

6. One of my favorite places in the world is Bar Harbor, Maine. The seacoast, the quaint little town, Cadillac Mountain, the scenery... It's so beautiful and peaceful. I hope to get back there this summer at least- there's a great little ice cream shop in town I love to hit up!

7. Uuuuummm..... This is so tough. Ha ha ha!! I plan on going to a local area this summer to dig up some gems- there's a good thread of them in one of the smaller mountains near where I live- so I'm going to try and find some good quartz along with tourmaline, amethyst and some others.

Yay! There's 7 more!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P


  1. You're awesome so I'm not surprised that you get nominated again <3

  2. I've read Beowulf, too. =] Great facts!

    Fierce Nerditude

  3. OMG!!! I wanna dig up gemstones!!!!

  4. Have you listened to Mumford and Sons or The Avett Brothers?

  5. Im trying to get rid of all my gemstones LOL & omg I love twilight woods...I wear the spray everyday :0)

    I also have your button on my bloggie :0)

  6. I love thrift stores!!! they are soo much fun and u find great stuff in them!!

  7. @mNg: Thanks doll! :)

    @Vijiis: Thanks! It was a long and interesting read- and unlike many of my classmates, I did not read the Cliffs Notes! lol

    @eRiN: I'll let everyone know how it goes once I get some ;) It's literally a 3 minute drive to the trail from my house- and I just found out about it two years ago! Doh! All the years I've lived up here and I could have had some stones of my own already!

    @Michelle: Indeed I have- and I <3 !!

    @JewelryBySolange: I collect Swarovskis.... It's an addictive habit! I come across some pretty awesome gemstones from time to time... I have some gorgeous cracked blue agate I LOVE, but have NO idea what I want to make with them! Thank you... I'll check out if you have one... And put it here too ;)

    @gunnmetal127: They're veritable treasure troves!! That and the "dump"... I've scored so many slightly used things that just need a new coat of paint or polishing up and they're fine!! My latest was a vanity table- I'm planning on sanding it, giving it a coat of black lacquer paint, and having my Mom mosaic the top for me with lotus flower designs :)

  8. Have you heard Sara Jarosz? Also, check your email!

  9. @Michelle: I haven't... I'll have to seek her out! And got your email ;)