September 4, 2010

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.... Yep, Leaf Peeper Eyes

Updated 03/05/2011 & 03/06/2011

This is strictly my own personal opinion about the matter. All material uncovered was done through a public google internet search with a few different keyword entries.

Due to information uncovered and revealed about this company, I cannot in good conscience or good faith recommend anyone support this reportedly handmade, organic small business. If information had been disclosed prior to discovery by the shop owner herself, I would have no problem with continuing to purchase. Regretfully, the scope of the lie and how many different people it could have potentially affected and hurt leaves me no other choice than to say this is not an honest company to do business with.

For information as to why, you can read more below:

Or click here for more links and topics. The information can be found just below the introduction paragraph on the page.


Wow, that all rhymed. I'm getting pretty good at this... Hah!

Anyways, while I wait for the video to upload to the eternal global network we call the interwebnetz, I figured I'd give you some pictures of the newest look that's I've created and some pictures to go along with it. Oh- and yes- a complete list of the cosmetics I used as well.

Now as most of you know, I have to do my foundation before I go on camera- simply because I don't want to horrify everyone by having the awful black and blue moons under my eyes scare everyone away. It's not that I don't get enough sleep- because there's plenty of that- it's just that I don't really feel rested. So- to spare you the gory visual of that walking nightmare of bags under my eyes- my face is prepped first. I actually cheat a little bit and use eye shadow primer under my eyes- then use my foundation as concealer... Since it stays surprisingly well! Once that's done, I brush the powdered mineral foundation all over my face- and call it good. I mentioned before I use Physicians Formula "Organic Wear", and since my tan has faded.... I'm back to my porcelain, fishbelly white skin again. Hooray.

(I kinda miss my tan... *sighs*)

After my face is done, I fill in my brows. Anything will do- and I simply use a matte brown mineral eyeshadow to fill them in. You can use any sort of powder or pressed color to fill them in, just make sure it's matte and doesn't have any shimmer. You really don't want glittery brows... Unless that's your thing- and if it is, well, cool!

When I hit the camera this time, I used cosmetics from a few different companies I've purchased from.

There are some colors I've used from Cheri of Orglamix in this video- the three used on my lid as colors being Citron, Mandarin and Champagne Toast. Citron is a vibrant, bright yellow that I had to have as soon as I saw it. Mandarin is a cute and juicy orange that's vibrant as well- and it's not one of those oranges you put on and go "Ew. Gross." This is Mandarin- with a soft shimmer! Last up is Champagne Toast, and it's a beautiful neutral color that's got a lot of wonderful shimmery flecks in it. I use it often either as a brow bone highlighter, or as my lid color. Citron and Mandarin were two colors I won as part of a giveaway, and Champagne Toast I had purchased. On my cheeks- Baie Rose. It was part of a separate collection purchase I had made, and even though it's technically an eye shadow- it works wonderfully on the face as a blush as it has a light rose color with a hint of iridescent gold. In the video, you can see that I have a cup of water which I dip my angled brush into. Then I hold up Midnight- a black powder shadow. By wetting the powder, it makes a liquid liner which is then applied to my eyes. Voila!

The beautiful brown color on my eyes is a color called Milk Chocolate, and comes from Sherrie over at My Beauty Addiction. I love this color since no matter how much you blend it down- the metallic never "muddies" or looks odd. Any of the colors made by her which are metallic do not muddy- so sign me up! A little goes a long way- as you will see in the video. She was also very kind to send me free samples to use in creating some of my looks- as you see now. The Shadow Poxy, aka eye primer, I used on my eyes before applying the makeup is also from her and a recent purchase I made. In my personal opinion, this formula works better than UDPP- which I have also used with success. For the pricing, quality and quantity of product though- MBA is the way to go for me from now on! And the lip treatment- well, you can reference that in my Gotta Have It: My Beauty Addiction: Lip Goodies Review post- one free gift, and the lip treatment a surprise one!

I also used an eye crayon which was a glittery, silvery white. I don't know the brand or color name- as the information has been worn off the crayon. My sister left it home... So it has found its way into my collection for occasional use. I used it as a highlighter on my eye to even out the tone, and it also helps the shadows stick a little better since it's slightly creamy once patted on. If I were to take a wild guess, it looks like one of the Cover Girl eye shadow pencils. Of course, we're not forgetting the N.Y.C. eyeliner- which I used to color my upper waterline. Make sure the pencil is smooth and glides on- you definitely don't want to be fighting a color when trying to get it to stay on your upper/lower waterline- use a kohl pencil if you must!

All in all, I think while dramatic- this look is a perfect combination of colors to usher in Autumn... Don't you think?!

I apologize for my awful looking hair. I honestly didn't want to fuss with it- so in a headband and loose ponytail it went. I know you can see my blonde roots- and for that I'm so sorry. I'm getting re-dyed this weekend- back to the insane red I so very much love!

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