August 30, 2010

Gotta Have It - My Beauty Addiction: Lip Goodies Review

On my page here (look to the left) you'll see a link underneath my avatar and short bio description that says "Get the Makeup".
If you check out that page, you'll notice it's my list of companies I've purchased and/or received makeup from listed so you can find the same cosmetics I use to create my looks for pictures and video tutorials. What's so great? Well... It's easy for you to find what I personally use... And they're all conveniently located on one page. Yay for brains! I do have them from time to time!

Tonight I can't help but blog about this new addiction of mine thanks to Sherrie at My Beauty Addiction. Yes that's right- the name indeed does fit her company perfectly- and I'm a self professed, totally in love, will never share my product with a friend, gotta have more of her stuff addict. Well.... Ok. I'll share the eye shadows if I happen to be creating a look and playing with your eyes for pictures.

I'm warning you right now though... Don't even think about touching my lip balms! Granted, Sherrie warned me that I'd have this sort of reaction. Me, being a lotions and potions kind of girl, thought sure- I'd like to have more lip gloss because... Well... I love having moisturized lips. Problem is, in order to keep them that way- I use Bacitracin Ointment at night. That just won't do- especially if I was indeed with a boy and he wanted to give me a kiss before bed... It would leave a really disgusting taste on his mouth. And mine. I'm very careful to not lick my lips when I have it on. But- as for its healing properties- you can't go wrong!

Until... Today! Uh, technically very early in the wee hours of the morning. Since I picked up Foiling Serum and Shadow-Poxy, there was a special running in MBA's store that scored me a free Lil' Apricot Lip Butter! So me being a lip balm freak, it had me positively excited- and I totally would have waited out by the mailbox for my package to arrive. Unfortunately, since I was out of town for the weekend- I wasn't able to just wait by the box. Sooo... I thought about how I'd probably be getting my package at the beginning of this week... I was certain it would arrive either today, or tomorrow. I was completely surprised when at 2am (when we finally got home very early this morning) Dad woke me up and tossed the package into my lap. Score! My package arrived on Saturday!

Get it here!!
Even though I was absolutely exhausted, and my back was badly bothering me from spending the past 3 days riding in my truck a total of at least 14 hours... Then sleeping two nights on a regular, not memory foam, mattress that has left me in kinks ever since... I tore my package open and there my goodies were. It brightened me up, even though I was semi-conscious and still half asleep. Right away I realized I not only had the said freebie, but there was a sample of another lip concoction too! However, I  unwrapped and smoothed on my Apricot balm and instantly, soft silky lips were on my face. 2 minutes later, I was out like a light until I crawled out of bed at 11 this morning. I never sleep that late- and I feel guilty for doing so... But... I needed the rest. And... My lips were still soft and moisturized. I'm only used to them being this soft when using Bacitracin... So I'm thrilled that I got this little freebie! 5 out of 5 stars for the Lil' Apricot Lip Butter!! The balm has a very light scent, and literally just glides on effortlessly. It doesn't have any flavor that I noticed, and the fact that it's all natural was a huge plus for me. It's 100% Apricot Butter with a little Candelila Wax added just to firm it up a bit so it can be used in a tube applicator- a la picture.

As for the other little item in my package of goodies... I received a sample size of Skin Rituals: Advanced Lip Butter in a Sheer Pink (I think! That's what I think it is, since it appears to match what's on my monitor)

Get it here!!

Now this isn't just any lip tint. Oh no, my friends, it's much much more. It's very similar to the Apricot Lip Butter, but this is a lip plumper as well. It tingles a slight bit when first put on, and with a hint of color it's perfect to use with a bit of lip liner or alone. I have noticed my lips feel a bit plumper, but to be honest... I have a pretty good pout as it is. Nothing like Angje Jolie of course, but I'm pretty happy with the mouth my parents gave me.

The ingredients list taken from MBA's Etsy Shop:
"Pure Apricot Butter, Candellia Wax, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Isohexadecane (and) BIS-PEG/PPG-14/14 Dimethicone (and) Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer (and) Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer (and) Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Sodium Hyaluronate (and) Xanthan Gum (and) Tripeptide-1. May contain micas, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide, ultramarines, carmine.

Hilurlip™ redefines, plumps and minimizes fine vertical lines of the lips. Small particles of Sodium Hyaluronate are processed to enhance penetration and efficacy, producing a long-term volume boosting effect on the lips and an anti-aging action on the thin tissue. It also acts against the effects of outside pollution.

Hilurlip™ is a new way of vehiculization of Hyaluronic acid. The small particles of Hyaluronan contained in Hilurlip™ swell when they are in contact with skin water, producing a long-term boosting effect on the lips.

Hilurlip™ also contains the tripeptide GHK, a well-known RCS scavenger, which protects the lips against the harmful effects of sun exposure. GHK is able to inhibit glycation therefore preventing the loss of collagen elasticity, and to protect skin cells from photodamage."

So... While that's a lot of information to take in, I have to admit I'm also addicted to this lip treatment too. It's only been 10 hours, and I'm never giving it up. I'm not as picky when it comes to my lips and using all natural ingredients on them. So... I don't feel the least bit guilty about keeping this product on all day. I happily applied the gloss only three times today... Three! Once in the morning, in the afternoon after I had a cup of tea, and just a little while ago after dinner! My lips feel like absolute silk- and I couldn't be happier! While I'm not a fan of using products with names I cannot pronounce names of, I'm sure this lip ointment plumper had a lot less chemicals than bigger commercial brands. So no, I do not feel guilty. Oh no I don't. Seriously!

Now I only need a tester to give me a quick kiss and find out his opinion. I think that will have to be put on hold for a while... I've kissed a lot of frogs, and none have been a prince. Not up to kissing any more toads at the moment! The good news is that this lip treatment gets 5 out of 5 stars for being so fabulous!

Hence the question now is... Why aren't you raiding her shop?!

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