August 24, 2010

Tips & Tricks - Deodorant

Yes, the same stuff you (hopefully) put under your arms each morning to keep you from getting sweaty and stinky. I know, I know- what's my point, right? Well... There are a few other uses for this wonderful stuff, believe it or not. One was a surprise I got from my sister when we attended a wedding last month. I can't believe I never thought of it before!

Now before I get to tricks, I have to announce a disclaimer:
These cheats work best if you have an "invisible solid" deodorant. You don't like those white smudges on your clothing- you sure won't want them elsewhere, right? So while I greatly respect if you reserve the right to use regular white deodorant, it's just better for the clothes (and an audience should you jump with your hands high up in the air!) if you use the amazing disappearing kind. Alright then- let's get started.

Personally, I use Dove deodorant- invisible solid, of course. I find that my sensitive skin really likes their formula, and it doesn't leave me irritated or over-scented with their perfume. (I use a lot of their scents-  Fresh and Powder are my two favorites). Like you needed to know- but hey, I'm assuming some ladies out there have the same problem. My middle sister, I believe, uses Secret- and while I will agree the product works wonderfully, I've always found them much too perfumed for me. I feel like I'm a walking bottle of cologne when I wear Secret, so I've been an avid fan of Dove for about the last 10 years. And since I'm also a big Bath & Body Works fan, I usually have a bottle or two of their scents stashed in my purse for a spritz of sexy while I'm on the go. Maybe I have an overdeveloped sense of smell- but anytime I've worn Secret and put on a spray or two of perfume, I can smell both scents, and a lot of the time it's not very sexy at all.

While the invisible solid stick is supposed to be just that- invisible and solid- sometimes you'll slip on a blouse or dress too quickly after applying... And there it is. The dreaded white lines of anti-pit-smell bar. Oh no! I've done this on many an occasion- and you do need about 1-2 minutes for the deodorant to dry after application. Honestly- who has the time!? Things to do, places to go, people to meet, work, etc. Who has time for a minute or two!? And now more time wasted in trying to clean it off your clothes. Great. Well- there is a way that doesn't include using a wet paper or cotton towel which tends to leave lint pills and a giant, obvious spot where the offender once tried to break loose. This is one sense of free advertising that isn't wanted. So, grab a pair of old pantyhose- preferably already worn and waiting to be laundered, or an old pair you keep around for... I don't know what. (I keep my torn ones to wear under jeans/slacks in the wintertime- keeps me warmer!) Pull your blouse/dress taut, and vigorously scrub those wanna-be tailgaters right on out. Taa-daa!

Photo from: WFU

I've heard around that some people put deodorant on their hands, palms to be exact, to stop them from sweating too much. I have to admit, I've never tried this, nor do I have particularly sweaty hands. Only a little bit needs to be used- and from what I hear, it's great if you're not looking to accidentally shake hands with someone and worrying if they felt how clammy and wet yours is.
Photo from TheGalactica
And thanks to C, the smart cookie who came up with this one... Well, let's just say it's mighty creative! I don't know about you girls, but I'm a bit on the curvy side. The women in my family all are... Having big hips also means we don't exactly have skinny thighs. Yes, mine touch. I'm not afraid to admit it. As you can probably guess, my sister has a similar problem- which is how she came up with putting a swipe or two of deodorant where your thighs touch. Seriously! When I walk with a skirt or dress on, and no nylons, after a while I start to get a bit chaffed. Not badly, but enough to be an aggravation. According to my sister, the deodorant keeps things dry down there between your legs (makes sense, right!) and prevents the rash. Sheer genius!

There you have it- a few tips! Have more? Feel free to post below!

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