August 30, 2010

I Want - DuWop Lip Venom

The name is intriguing, is it not? I spotted this little beauty about a year ago- and while I've not yet made the purchase, it will be among my collection. Soon.

Now I can picture my Mom rolling her eyes and going "That figures, you're always into that vampire crap..." and I've gotta laugh. She's right. I've always liked vampires. From glimpses of movies I saw when I was a kid, to getting my hands on and reading Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" novels (not all yet), to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and now being an avid True Blood fan and lusting over Alexander Skarsgard... Yeah. I like vampires. My plans of dressing up as one for Halloween this year have come to a screeching halt- having braces on teeth kind of make it difficult to get those sexy fangs on. Maybe I'll go as a teeny-bopper cheerleader, or math geek. Wait- I am a computer geek after all. By next Halloween I could potentially have the braces off, and a brand new straight, sexy smile in place! And THEN I could be a vampire... We'll see... Ok back to earth!

Picture from Sephora

It may come as no surprise that I'd want this DuWop Twilight Lip Venom. I've heard many, many good reviews about this lip stain- and I'm wondering if any of you out there have it... Let me know! As soon as I'm able... This is being added to my ever expanding collection of cosmetics... Remember, I use mineral makeup except for eyeliner, mascara, and some lip products!

I think I want this so badly because:
a) It's half red, half white- needs to be shaken apparently to signify the mixing of human and vampire blood.
b) I heart anything red- it immediately puts me into a better mood.
c) Anything that can make my kisser soft and leave a hint of color, I want!
d) Venom is part of it's name. It's almost like a "kiss of death", without of course, being literal!
e) Red. Is. Sexy.

Of course, they have more than this deep red stain... The new one is DuWop Twilight Blush Lip Venom and a strikingly opposite sister to Twilight Venom. Pink, demure, and innocent- I think this shade is perfect for luring that unsuspecting human closer to your sexy pout. I think both will need to make it to my makeup box. Why? Some days I feel crimson and sexy... And others, I feel pink and sexy.

Photo from Sephora

So if any of you have reviews for either of these particular products- feel free to leave me some love and comments on what you like, or don't, about this lip stain.
And Alexander, if you happen to be reading this... How bout a cup of coffee? I promise I won't bite!

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