September 26, 2010

Get the Look - SKITTLES! Taste the Rainbow!

Updated 03/05/2011 & 03/06/2011

This is strictly my own personal opinion about the matter. All material uncovered was done through a public google internet search with a few different keyword entries.

Due to information uncovered and revealed about this company, I cannot in good conscience or good faith recommend anyone support this reportedly handmade, organic small business. If information had been disclosed prior to discovery by the shop owner herself, I would have no problem with continuing to purchase. Regretfully, the scope of the lie and how many different people it could have potentially affected and hurt leaves me no other choice than to say this is not an honest company to do business with.

For information as to why, you can read more below:

Or click here for more links and topics. The information can be found just below the introduction paragraph on the page.


Taste the rainbow- it's delicious!

I've got spectrum hued eyes... And I'm on a roll! Technically, three videos posted in the past 24 hours... Phew!

I'm totally kicking patooties as far as it comes for video posting lately. I'm on a roll gals... Ok, so here's the look. Skittles- as in the rainbow candy confection that I can't have until I get my braces removed- sooo, a little over a year. These are one of my favorite candies. I just don't really want their ooey-gooey goodness ripping a bracket off my teeth... I'll settle for the colors on my eyes thanks!

Apologies for my giant face... When the image is smaller, it looks oddly oversaturated.

To get this look, a variety of colors from Orglamix Cosmetics were used to get the grab everyone's attention eyes. Basically, you want ROYGBV, along with a muted white and a champagne color.

The spectrum colors consist of:

Red Currant
Mandarin (*)
Citron (*)
Absinthe (*)
Acai Berry

The lid color is Slate, and the brow shimmer is a lovely color called Champagne Toast. *how appropriate!* I applied these dry so I wouldn't be taking up too much time on camera rinsing the brush, re-wetting, applying color, etc etc etc. Look at how vibrant they come out just dry- imagine wet! Well, you don't have to... I posted a few of 'em over on my Facebook Page for you to ogle an admire- which was done! Sweet like candy! Yes... I totally copped the rainbow look and turned it into Skittles.

All cosmetics purchased by me except when marked with (*) These colors were won in a blog giveaway contest- I did not purchase them.

It's ok... Right??

I sure can't taste the rainbow right now....
But at least my eyes can look like one!

MMmmmmm Jasmine Tea Rocks!
I'm off to grab another cup of tea ;)

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