September 16, 2010

Quick Back Update...

As you know, I've been struggling all week with motivation to get looks done. Coupled with the days getting considerably shorter each and every day- my room turns shadowy very quickly, so I've been frustrated. Anyways... Not the case for the rest of the week and weekend.

I'm determined to get ALL my looks done- which were outlined in the prior post (don't quote me on that!)- and will have the videos up very, very soon. The big computer is occupied all day (stock market) so I don't have a chance to hop on until late afternoon. This is why my vids get posted so late most days.

So... With all that said so far, I wanted to tell everyone just a quick blurb about yesterday. I had another Dr. C appointment, and I woke up completely twisted and kinked the wrong way. He immediately saw the way I was sitting, felt my back, and said "You're tighter than a tight drum... Let's go..."

To make a long story short, I had four nerve blocks done in my back. Each one hurt- especially when he had to map out where the most severely inflamed ones were. I got through it, but not without nearly jumping off the table in agony. I was able to calm myself down, and concentrate on moving forward- progress. Once the blocks were done- it was strange to feel my leg and foot go cold from my hip down, but it was considerably less pain. Immediately went down from a 5 to a 2 on a scale of 1-10. I was wiped out from the pain I had been subjected to in trying to find the dang nerves... So yesterday it was a lazy day. I came home, sat in my chair, and just relaxed. Napped. Didn't move much.

Today, I woke up at the same... Maybe a pain level of 4, and now I'm down to a 2. While I don't have the piercing heat and pain in the right-section above my hip where I'm having the problems, it's a dull aching instead. This is bearable. It's progress in the right direction. I plan to keep on truckin!

I'm hoping this will last longer than the last single block did last time- 6 weeks. They're supposed to last for up to 6 months- so my fingers are crossed that this time, my back will cooperate. Every day will get better... Because I believe it will :)

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