July 28, 2010

Question and Answer Session- Fighting the Dreaded Zit

Q: Amanda I LOVE this page!! Can you discuss the best techniques for keeping your skin clear? I break out to an insane level after I travel (hence the band-aid on the forehead today). Any suggestions?

A: Well, I'll tell you personally what works for me!
I've pretty much given up all makeup that's purchased in stores. Why? I've made the switch to mineral makeup. Unless I can see exactly what chemicals are in eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, lipgloss etc I don't wear it. The two exceptions are my eyeliner and mascara. Otherwise- my face is 100% mineral. 100% safe. Non-Toxic. Anti-Aging.
I'm super-picky about what goes on my skin. (can't you tell?!) When you read the ingredients list for any mineral product- you shouldn't see nano particles, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or parabens. No sulfates, synthetic fragrances or phthalates. Funny sounding words indeed- but you need to watch what you put on your skin!

The general list you should see on a product's description or general ingredient list:
Titanium Dioxide (some people are very sensitive to this mineral, it's always wise to do a test patch!)
Some may contain tin oxide
Carnauba Wax
Kaolin Clay (one of the best skin minerals- natural zit buster!)
Ultramarines (blue shades require this since there is no naturally occurring blue oxide)
Ferric Ferrocyanide (rarely)
Very, very rarely Cosmetic Glitter

These are acceptable.
However, we all know that skin does what it wants from time to time... And even though we baby it, take good care of it, and basically deserve to have wonderful looking skin... There it is. The dreaded zit. The nasty red splotch that decides to erupt from your face with a vengeance- right before the wedding, job interview, travel, etc....

You've gotta get rid of that nasty, ugly, red thing. Zit. I hate the "Z" word. My best tricks I'll share with you- since they're probably already in your loo right now.

Cleanse: You must do it...

A gentle cleanser or soap will do- my two favorites are Dove and Ivory soap. Both will leave you feeling squeaky clean, and ensure that you have no residue left on your skin- from makeup or soap.
(I like Dove a little more because it's got extra moisturizers...)

Plan of Counter-Attack: Witch Hazel

It's nature's antiseptic. Once you've cleansed your face, grab a cotton ball (come on, I know you've got those in the bathroom...) and soak some of the Witch Hazel into it. Dab onto those red devils, and let air dry. Typically, your red spots will dry up by the morning, and only require a dab of concealer. Remember- use mineral makeup- it will not clog your pores!

For Emergency Use Only: Clear Eyes

Yes, that's right. The eye drops. Still have redness during the day? A drop will take the red out... Of your eyes, and of your angry little zit. Don't believe me? Ask Ben Stein! Just kidding... This really does work wonders in a pinch! Just make sure that you don't touch the eyedropper to your skin- you don't want to contaminate the sterile solution in the bottle :)

Got beauty questions?!? Ask away!!!! Suggestions?!? Comment!!!!

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