July 30, 2010

Product Reviews- Eyeliner and Mascara (and a brief lip thing)

So I'm asked quite regularly what type of eyeliner and mascara I use.

First, they're two of the sometimes three things I put on my face that isn't mineral makeup.
1) Eyeliner
2) Mascara
3) Lipstick/lipgloss

Eyeliner I'm very picky about. There's nothing worse than paying a few bucks (or more) for an eyeliner, in my case usually black, opening it for the first time... And realizing this is an awful product. I won't name names of companies, but I'll tell you what I myself currently use. I found Milani Slim Eyeliner by accident. I know I paid closer to $6 or $7 for it when purchased, but follow the link... And for $2.99 you can wear what I do.

I honestly thought my purchase was just going to be another bust- I never, ever find good eyeliner. Typically, I bought liquid because I was getting SO frustrated with pencil liners. I hated opening a "black" eyeliner, then having push the pencil hard against my lid- only to see my efforts left only a slight gray smudge. Really!?!?! Seriously?! So back we go, another layer. Darker gray. To get the black color- multiple layers were required. And that just takes too much time. But... there leaves the difficult task of trying to line your waterline (lower lid, almost against your eyeball) with liquid liner, and keeping your eyes from tearing up while you wait for the liner to dry. Daunting. Frustrating. Smudgy, and by the time you were done either I succeeded in smearing the liner everywhere, or I'd "cry" it off and there it was in streaks down my cheeks. Not ideal at all. It did not make me a happy camper.

So imagine how surprised I was when I opened this eyeliner up, and it literally just glided on. I barely had to touch my lid- and there it was! Smooth, black eyeliner on my eye! Pretty much effortless!! I was in heaven for about an hour after that. Checking my eyes in the mirror every time I went by- just to see the eyeliner in it's place. I think I went into shock for the rest of the day. I had a slight amount of smudge on the outside corner of my eyes by the end of the day- but hey! I found a black I could put on easily, and that more importantly stayed on!!!!!!!!!
My tricks for getting the eyeliner to "set" is quite easy. In my makeup collection, I have many, many mineral powdered eye shadows. If you apply a little bit of the powder to the line made on your eyes, it "sets" and won't smudge unless you do it intentionally. So whether the powders are applied wet or dry, it does indeed set the eyeliner so it's going nowhere! Perfection!

The latest mascara purchase I made... I really surprised myself. Honestly, I did! I remember this next company as having not so good makeup... Apparently, since the 10 years I last bought anything from them, they've really improved! I've only purchased mascara- but what I have now I'm impressed with. And it was only $2.99! Nothing like finding makeup that won't break the bank- but looks good too.

Yep. I bought Wet N' Wild Mega Wear mascara. It was cheap. I heart it. Now, I'll be honest- I don't need lengthening mascara- I never have. Nor thickening, or curling. My lashes are just in the way as it is. However- I did notice that they did lengthen with the use of said mascara. How do I know? My eyelashes have this totally annoying habit of hitting my sunglasses while they're on. And boy, they do.

The beauty of this stuff is that you can put a coat on, come back in a few min, put another. And another. And it doesn't really clump at all- I use a eyelash comb to get them out, but all in all... Awesome! I have not, however, bought any other makeup from them. I might get a lip tint or something.

And that's number three. I love lip gloss. I love lipstick. I love lip tints. So, sometimes, when I see something totally cute that I can't pass up... I get it. Though, my last purchase was a Burts Bees Lip Shimmer, and there's a few things I have to say about it.

This is my newest obsession. I have to have something on my lips, otherwise I look dead. And it needs to be moisturizing- there's nothing worse than a lip gloss that looks cute- but drys out your pucker and leaves you with a weeks worth of trying to get back to normal. You will not have this problem with Burt's! I  currently own Rhubarb, and I really really love the slight tint it leaves on my lips. And the tingly minty feeling it leaves on my lips, and scents... Oohhh how I need to have this with me at all times!

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